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Yosra Brini

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Yosra Brini

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  • Place


    Serdika is The first place that I have visited in Sofia, it is the center or the heart of the capital Sofia.. The most interesting thing there is that there is a great sign of peace and love which means "we have to respect other people believes and civilisations.. You...

    by Yosra in What to see Sofia, one month ago
  • Experience

    Discovering another dance

    Bulgarian danceTwo years later I have tried the Indonesian dance with Indonesian students in my was difficult but not more than Bulgarian dance.. I have tried it this year exactly the day of celebrate the independence with Erasmus students and Bulgarian...

    0 by Yosra in Erasmus experiences Sofia, one month ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Sofia, Bulgaria by Yosra

    Why did you choose to go to Sofia, Bulgaria?Because it is not famous like other European countries especially in Western Europe, so I liked to discover it.. It is like the buried treasure of Eastern EuropeHow long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to...

    0 by Yosra in Erasmus experiences Sofia, one month ago

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