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  • Place

    Marina Bay Sands

    The Marina Bay Sands building is the most iconic attraction in Singapore, and one of the most recongnizable landmarks in the world. Although it is still fairly new, it has completely transformed the skyline and image of Singapore. No wonder it is widely regarded as one...

    by Till in What to see Singapore, one year ago
  • Experience

    The 101 to Taipei

    Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is not the first city in Asia that comes to mind as a travelling destination. And that's probably correct - there are more exciting, prettier, and more accessible places to visit. But that doesn't mean Taipei shouldn't at least appear...

    0 by Till in Erasmus experiences Taipei, one year ago
  • Experience

    How to have the best days in Seoul

    Seoul, the capital of South Korea is an extremely fun, hip, and immersive city located in the north of the country. In addition to amazing food, great nightlife, and fantastic shopping the city offers a great range of cultural experiences and the option to discover many...

    0 by Till in Erasmus experiences Seoul, one year ago

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