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    How to get extra income with freelance writing?

    Freelance copywriting is sometimes a thankless job. If you stick with it you'll do your fair share of ghost-writing or work-for-hire (writing without official credit on behalf of an employer) gigs. Freelance copywriting jobs are often lucrative, thanks to the sheer...

    0 by Taylor in Erasmus tips, 15 days ago
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    IELTS Tips: The 4 keys to success in Writing

    Whether you are taking IELTS Academic or General Training, you will need to write a 250 word essay in the Writing Part 2. You will perform much better if you understand what the examiner is looking for — and then deliver it. First, let’s look at the IELTS...

    0 by Taylor in Erasmus blog London, 15 days ago
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    Things to Buy in Seoul to Take Home

    Buying souvenirs for yourself or gifts for friends and family back home is always an enjoyable part of the travel experience. For those who are looking for authentic Korean souvenirs that are not in your country or things to buy in Seoul, consider this your guide. Check...

    0 by Taylor in Erasmus news, 15 days ago
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    IELTS Writing tips

    Writing tipsThis isn’t, in fact, my weakness. But this skill is difficult to self-study. You need to go to an English center where there are teachers who are willing to check your writing. Here are some suggestions I can think of, it maybe can’t help you out. But do...

    0 by Taylor in Erasmus tips, 15 days ago
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    Lotte Outlets Seoul Station review

    Lotte outlet is right outside Seoul Station. During weekends, there are lot of outdoor stalks selling clothing and handbag. Price is really good too (5000W to 10000W for a sweater, 40%-70% mark-down on brand name purses).The Lotte supermarket is the one that I visited...

    0 by Taylor in Erasmus blog Seoul, 15 days ago
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