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Mary Pulbrook

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  • Blog

    Giro di bacari a Venezia - Venice's "Bacari"

    Are you in Venice and don't know where you could go to get something to drink with your friends after University? No worries, it doesn't seem like it but the city is full of cool and cheap bars where you could spend your night out. That is to say, there is a particular...

    0 by Mary in Erasmus blog Venice, one year ago
  • Place

    Republican Bar

    The bar República is situated beside the University of Merced (beside the semi-circular baptismal plaza, the so-called left - hand side since it is in front of the principal gate to the University). It is a dark bar with large wooden tables and benches. The music is...

    by Mary in Cafe, cocktail, beer Murcia, one year ago
  • Place

    Badulake Murcia Bar

    Badulake Bar, the students' club where the most famous international parties in Murcia take place, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11 pm. Special offers and discounts for students. Music: Pop - R'n'B - House -------------------------------Weekly...

    by Mary in Erasmus party Murcia, one year ago
  • Place

    American Sweet

    If you have been to America and are now missing the food, this shop is for you. It is very small, and there's almost nothing in stock, but a few of the products come directly from America. It's very expensive but hey, it's worth buying one or two things just for the...

    by Mary in What to see Murcia, one year ago
  • Experience

    Experiences in Lille, France by Caroline

    How did Lille seem to you as a town to live in? Do you recommend it? What is the town like? Lille is a young, bustling city which offers many services. The city is very well served as regards public transport and you can find everything you need there: shops, cultural...

    0 by Mary in Erasmus experiences Lille, one year ago

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