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  • Experience

    How does College work in Italy? Recommendations

    Good Afternoon, Erasmus-Family! When I first arrived to Italy, I thought university would be more or less the same as it is in Spain. But instead, I was very (and gladly) surprised to find out in which ways we differ from each other. Therefore, I bring you here some odd...

    0 by Mart in Erasmus experiences UNIBO , one year ago
  • Place

    Salda Lake

    The "Turkish Maledives": The Salda-Lake (Turkey) Foto 1. The turquoise-blue Salda Lake in Yeşilova/Burdur Have you ever wished to fly to the Maledives but that it somehow doesn't work, because as a student, one is short in cash? No problem! If you are looking for a...

    by Mart in What to see Burdur, one year ago
  • Experience

    Experiencia de Erasmus en Perugia

    ¿Porqué decidiste ir a Perugnia, Italia? Quería aprender italiano y mi universidad solo ofrecía Perugia. ¿Cuanto tiempo dura la beca? ¿Cuanto dinero recibes para ayudarte con los costos de vida? Yo estuve en Perugia durante un semestre y necesite 150 EUR para la...

    0 by Mart in Erasmus experiences Perugia, one year ago

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