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Marija Laar

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Experiences by Marija

  • 7 / 10 points

    Experience in University of Malta, Malta by Marija

    Generally, what is University of Malta like? Very relaxed, not a lot to worry about, some lecturers don't go through the essays or assignments submitted so they give multiple students the same grade without reading through the work, if lucky - don't need much...

    0 by Marija, 5 years ago
  • 7 / 10 points

    Experience in Msida, Malta by Marija

    What is it like to live in Msida? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? It is hard to talk about Msida alone as Malta is very small so I will talk about Malta. First when tou arrive everything is great, first you don't notice the arrogance of people and the...

    0 by Marija, 6 years ago

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