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James Imparato

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  • Experience

    My Experience in Rome, Italy by Albane

    Why did you choose to go to Rome, Italy? To study Italian. What was the length of your stay? Did you receive financial assistance? 1 Year. 500 euros per month. (Crous Loan + erasmus loan) How is student life in Rome? Good, the (ESN) associations contribute to create...

    0 by James in Erasmus experiences Rome, 4 days ago
  • Experience

    My Experience in Paris, France by Adriana

    How is Paris, as a place to live? What's your opinion? Its the best city to live but its expensive for a student. How is student life in Paris? Its super! There are students from around the world so its ideal for getting to know new cultures! What's the cost of Living...

    0 by James in Erasmus experiences Paris, 7 days ago
  • Place

    The Imperial Palace of Compiègne

    On arriving in Compiègne a city of 100, 000 residents, we never would have suspected to find such beautiful architectureal treasors. The Imperial palace of Compiègne's heritage is tied to the middle ages, and is the source of some of the greatest historical French...

    by James in What to see Compiegne, 11 days ago
  • Blog

    The city of Fontainebleau.

    The City of Fontainebleau Actually, I don't live far from this town allowing me the benefit of insight and knowledge into this fascinating and splendid château. There are actually a lot of things to discover here. The city of Fontainebleau is part of both the...

    0 by James in Erasmus blog Paris, 14 days ago
  • Experience

    My Experience in Paris, France by Alejandro

    How do you feel about the city of Paris? Would you recommend it? Paris is a beautiful place to live but its expensive, and if you are not familiar with the educational and banking systems, etc., it is a bit difficult to get used to, but if you ask the right questions...

    0 by James in Erasmus experiences Paris, 16 days ago
  • Place


    From a very young age we dreamed of living the lives of our superheros, well, heroes, and storybook characters, and, well we found a place to live out our fantasies, Paris Disneyland! There is no age limit to participate, the young as well as the old can benefit,...

    by James in What to do Paris, 18 days ago
  • Experience

    My Paris Experience, France, by Léa

    How was your experience in Paris? What was your experience? Life in Paris is expensive but pleasant. Its a vivacious and exciting city! I especially approved because there is so much to do and see! What's student experience? Its depends on the University choosen. Its...

    0 by James in Erasmus experiences Paris, 20 days ago
  • Experience

    Weekend in Rome

    Weekend in Rome I participated in the Erasmus meeting organinized with ESN, in Rome, which included a guided tour of the city and was impressed immediately by the beauty of the city! When leaving the metro we were struck immediately by the astounding Colosseum! Next we...

    0 by James in Erasmus experiences Rome, 28 days ago
  • Experience

    Olivier's Erasmus experience in Geneva, Switzerland

    Why did you choose Geneva Switzerland as your destination? Geneva is a feast for the eyes and senses Par Excellance! It combines Mountains and Lakes, tradition and Luxury! It is an international city of Peace. It is also noted for its diplomacy and is the European...

    0 by James in Erasmus experiences Geneva, one month ago
  • Blog

    Ciao Rome ! : Transportation Chaos

    I arrived in Italy with my parents, each of us two bags in hand, and looking a bit anxious. Me, the mule : three hats on my head, a back pack, two suitcases, and an immense smile, unfortunately not a word of Italian, and not the slightest idea what awaits me in Rome. I...

    0 by James in Erasmus tips, 2 months ago
  • Experience

    My Experience in Ferrara, Italy, by Bejamin.

    Why did you choose to study in Ferrara, Italy? One of the best Architecture Schools, in Italy. How long was your stay, and how much financial aid did you receive? 10 months. 1600 Euros. How is student life in Ferrare? There was an Erasmus student group, that I didn't...

    0 by James in Erasmus experiences Ferrara, 4 months ago
  • Forum

    Erasmus Philadelphia 2019 / 2020 (English)

    I live in Philadelphia, I hope I know my city, but am open to anyone or any info that can help. Best food is all Italian in Origin, mostly centered in South Philadelphia, or more precisely, orginated from this area., but can be found thu out the city and surrounding...

    by James in Erasmus forum Philadelphia, 7 months ago

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