Erasmus in Zaragoza

Published by Rebecca Rasmussen — 2 years ago

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Absolutely amazing, can really recommend it!


The people are so open, warm and passionate. Everybody takes their time, there is no stress, no rush and well lot's of tinto de verano!

I can really recommend it, best place for me to eat was Meli Melo, delicious food and ok prices. Place to live, plaza espana or plaza san francisco.

To party; warm up at Lochness and then party at Babia, Fox, Oasis or Kenbo.

EZU has some great erasmus meet up, helped me a lot, meeting new people and such.


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  • Thomas Chambers 2 years ago

    Would you recomend someone to go if they were studying through English and had very little Spanish or would I struggle to communicate with people in the city?

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