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Erasmus blog York

  • Day 5... i think

    Hi everyone, So as we are all currently doing I am sat in my room wondering what I'll do for the next possible two months in lockdown, i thought writing a blog would be good to remember what i got up to when times where especially tough. I also would love to hear the...

    1 by Ella, 4 days ago
  • Day 2 in York

    I liked the city so much the first time I went, that I decided to visit it again. This time, I was waiting to go for the second time with my boyfriend during Erasmus, and my intention was to show him the places that I had previously enjoyed the most, and others that I...

    0 by Olivia, 5 months ago
  • Day 1 in York

    Friday upload I have always preferred smaller cities, because I think they are a lot more comfortable for living, going out or studying. It was then when I discovered York was the perfect place for me. Despite the bad weather, York is still very attractive for visitors....

    0 by Olivia, 5 months ago
  • York, the place of my dreams

    York is a modern city but with a strong medieval influence throughout. Its main streets are full of character from this same aesthetic and they are full of independent shops, making you feel like you're back in Medieval times. One of my favourite independent shops is a...

    0 by Olivia, 6 months ago
  • On English Soil ... York Minster

    From the tropical heat of SE Asia to a rainy summer arrival week back in England ... I certainly needed an adjustment period but there were places to go, friends to see and things to do. I could not afford to sit still.  First stop was Northallerton and wonderful Emma...

    0 by Hollie, 7 months ago

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