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Day 5... i think

Hi everyone,

So as we are all currently doing I am sat in my room wondering what I'll do for the next possible two months in lockdown, i thought writing a blog would be good to remember what i got up to when times where especially tough. I also would love to hear the experiences of everyone else and their time in lockdown. I think it is very rare that the whole global community shares the same experience as we are doing now, and whilst i know this is having a devastating effect on health services around the world and affecting the lifes of many, i think it is always good to look at the positives... This is the first time in many peoples lives where the whole nation and everyone in it has an impact on what happens in the coming months, the decision to stay at home is saving thousands of lives through social distancing. Everyone has an impact and the decisions we make today have never been more important... as for the environment, i think the world is taking a break from the excessive daily human load that has been contributing to climate change and the rise in greenhouse gases. If we can all take a step back and see the positive impact we are having on the planet in the shape of a global pandemic, think what steps we could take when we realise this can be done on a daily basis on any given day,

this is just an introduction to my blog and the current thoughts on my mind, i will post more about my daily activities and would love to hear what everyone else is doing with all their free time!


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