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Discovering Poland

Translated by flag-ie A M — one month ago

Original text by flag- Dalia Bd

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Where to begin with Poland...it's a very interesting and magnificent country. You have to take time to explore it.

The Polish traditions are very important to the Polish identity and they rule the daily life there. This leads to many positive things, such as the discovery of Polish cuisine (in particular the ''pierogi'' which is one of the most popular dishes), or also the Polish parties and dances, which are very enjoyable and dynamic spectacles. On the other hand, I observed that a small portion of the population remained close-minded towards change and multiculturalism. For this reason there is some discrimination in some cities (usually the smaller ones) towards Arabian and homosexual people. So, that's the only negative aspect. because I met plenty of people from India who were very much integrated, but there was a lot of stereotyping against Arabian people, which can be seen in the media.

Apart from this, the lifestyle in Poland, and particularly in Wroclaw, is superb. I lived there for 9 months and it was incredible. The city provides all the advantages of a little city.

  • Lots of space, lots of greenery, and parks...
  • The quays of the river, which flows through the city.
  • The Old Town (Rinek)
  • A charm of colour and engravings on the face of buildings.
    • Also, the charms of a big city:

    • Multiculturalism: lots of restaurants (Polish, Greek, Turkish, French, Vegetarian, Italian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Indian.. )
    • Lots of cultural activities (loads of expeditions, museums, theatre, opera, concerts and street festivals, old and new buildings... )
    • Also lots of cafés, pubs, every type of disco (case de la Musica, techno clubs, hip hop, jazz... ) also lots of other activities (bowling, escape rooms [in many languages] cinemas [in English], haunted houses)
    • Sports: climbing walls, gym, big swimming pool...
    • Even a small water park!

    The city also has a very good public transport system:

    • The tram (main form of transport in the city)
    • The bus (works well with Google maps)
    • Lots of stations where the train also goes to (Wroclaw glowny, Wroclaw mikolail.. )

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