After one year in Wroclaw ... The farewell of this Erasmus Student!

Everything happens for a reason and it will never happen again. When you choose to do Erasmus, you can never guess how it's going to be.

Now, after a year, I can see: it couldn't have been better. Each person, each smile, each word, each moment, it was all so, so good. I have to thank you all, those who shared this with me.

Everything happens for a reason.

And when nothing is certain, it doesn't mean that everything is wrong, so you don't have to worry or feel disillusioned. It's only when you can't predict what's going to happen when you really start to enjoy yourself, because you can't hope and can't get let down. and if you do your best, you fight for every moment, every second, you'll improve.

We're never really ready for anything that happens. We never know which pass to choose. We just need to go with the flow, like a river, which sometimes battles with rocky terrain, but sometimes flow smoothly. But whatever happens, it happens for a reason, and it will never happen again. The river water will never go backwards and it's the same with our life. Never look back, never regret what you've done, just look back at it fondly :) Our past shapes our life, our perfect lives, and our moments to grow. Tomorrow is the future, a moment to create, renovate, and innovate ourselves and our life.

Life is magic, moments, seconds, smiles, and sometimes tears. These magic tears are only an indication of you eagerness to survive, to grow, even though it can be hard and it can hurt. Nothing is wrong with this.

Each moment is ours, and we can remember it in any way we choose. My memory is of; happiness, parties; unexpected moments, reactions, situations and people.

Each moment was intense. And living life to the fullest. Each heart beat has a different story to tell. This year was the fastest ever. But that's such a nice feeling.

For ever,

For everyone who contributed and will continue to contribute to the best year of my life.

Thank you very, very much.


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