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Experience in Vilnius University, Lithuania by Nadežda

Generally, what is Vilnius University like?

You get to learn things, it's not that you just catch the academic stream and let it carry you all the way to your final thesis. You have to work, you have to have your input in the process of studying. Generally, I feel very satisfied with the university.

What are the facilities like?

More than enough to meet your needs. We're not Hogwarts, though.

What are the tutors like?

Professional, qualified, down to earth and ready to spend extra time on you if you only show interest.

Are the lessons easy in Vilnius University?

It depends.. on subject, faculty, attitude and what are you generally expecting from education.

Do you think there is a good quality of teaching?

Yes, I do.

Are there any stories you can share?

It could be a book full of stories. Don't read other's books. Go write your own

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