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Discovering erasmus in Vilnius!!!

I was an Erasmus student at Vilnius University, in Vilnius, for two semesters. At first, I was supposed to study abroad only for 1 semester. However, once I was there, I realized that it wasn't enough and I decided to extend my mobility period!

I found a high quality of studies at Vilnius University, and the friendly interaction with some of my professors urged me to work with them on a research project, apart from the courses that I already attended.

Vilnius city is a real erasmus city with many parties and events. All ESN sections (Erasmus Student Network) were very collaborative with the students and their members were providing us help all the time.

Vilnius is a picturesque city. Its old town is large and full of museums and other historical monuments which you can visit and learn a lot about Lithuania's history and people. It is a cheap city with many options for entertainment and fun. Lithuania is greenfield and full of lakes and rivers. You will have time to visit many of them and travel around as well! It is close to Riga and Tallinn where you should definitely travel if you select Vilnius for your studies.


Most of the universities in Vilnius, I think all of them, can provide you accommodation in dorms, as long as you had applied to. There are a lot of parties at the dorms and they are full of Erasmus students! I'm sure that you'll have a great time there partying with other international students. Vilnius had been awarded once as one of the best cities in Europe for exchange! You will discover why when you go there.

That is all my general experience in Vilnius. If you have any questions or experiences to share, contact me!



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