Vilnius as an Erasmus

Vilnius is such an amazing place to be as an Erasmus student.

Everything here is very cheap. There are a lot of supermarkets, in various sizes. You can find almost everything you want. Bad thing is that most products are in plastic.

The landscapes are breathtaking. Moreover, not only it's easy and cheap to go from the sea to the countryside, but it is also quite quick since the country isn't that big. The infrastructures are really different from where I come from and it was very pleasant to discover a completely different culture. I like the fact that they don't stop themselves with only one style, instead, they are building many different stylish buildings (look at all the churches!!). 

The weather wasn't as bad as I expected. Everyone was telling me that it was always rainy and cold. However, I think that in 6 months living here, I had only 4 or 5 days of rain. Although the sun is often hiding during winter, I loved the fact that I had the opportunity to experience so much snow and the cold of Baltic countries. It is as amazing to see Vilnius in winter, as it is during summer.

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  • Alexandre Cresson 4 months ago

    Hey marie I'm agree with you vilnius is amazing but I want to learn more on the city and the countrie !
    Can you became my guide ? :)

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