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Nha Trang- one of the most beautiful beaches in the world ( Top 12)

Have visited Nha Trang twice but every time I found a new feature in this charming coastal city. Still the beach is sandy white sand, coconut palms still close to the sea, still the smile that stars leave behind many unforgettable. Perhaps because of the land and people here too soulful, cute and full of life sap. Every year, many tours of Nha Trang experience new emotions here.

I love this city a lot, in this writing I will share some of my experience in this city as well as some tips to travel and visit many famous destinations in Nha Trang, one of top most beautiful beach in the world.

Located on the beautiful and romantic beach, behind the mountain, in front of the sea, Nha Trang city was dubbed as "Flower bouquets on the East coast". Nature is bestowed with 19 big and small islands around: Hon Tre, Hon Tam, Hon Mun, Hon Mot, Hon Yen, Hon Mieu, Hon Thi, Hon Lao etc.

Nha Trang creates a strong tourist island with few places to get. It is no coincidence that more than 100 years ago, brilliant scientist Alexandere Yersin decided to leave Paris to stay in Nha Trang and work until the end of his life. It's no coincidence that the winds, hurricanes and sea, the land is still peaceful in front of the sea.

With its privileged nature, Nha Trang Bay is not only rich in natural resources, beautiful scenery but also recognized as one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world. The way to call "Nha Trang city" is not too crowded when Tran Phu street of the city runs from Con village to Cau Da port, which is about 7 kilometers from the beach with beautiful beaches, white sand beaches, bending themselves. In the sunshine and the coconut tilted to shine in the blue water all year round whispering waves.

If Cua Lo beach is crowded with joy, Thien Cam beach is still untouched, still Nha Trang beach gives visitors a sense of peace and calm. Peaceful by the green coconut trees running close to the beach, the golden sand under foot and the blue water all year round embracing Tran Phu romantic dreaming. Peaceful with the small green streets cool trees. Away from the shadow of the Ponagar Tower, the shrine is as old as the old tower.

Waving a pedicab on the street in front of us, we stroll down the coastal road to see the scenic landscape. Most tourists to Nha Trang are cyclos to walk around the city. Just like those travelers, we love the rhythm of pedicabs while riding on a small road nestled on the shores of the blue sea to welcome the cool breeze from the sea.

There are now many pedicabs on the streets, such as in Nha Trang, including Hanoi, where cyclos are considered a popular vehicle. Cyclo at the station, gate market, hotel gate, pedicab nestled in the streets of Nha Trang. On the streets, both Vietnamese and foreign tourists eagerly ride on cyclos around the city at a very cheap price. And also only in Nha Trang, popular cyclo, popular and used in the country.

We came to Nha Trang when the tourist season was on the other side of the peak.

However, on the street is crowded foreign delegation on the street, on the seashore foreign guests still exposed themselves in the sunshine of the tropics. The beach was empty of Vietnamese delegations because the tourist season was passing by. Along the streets along the road as Thong Nhat, Hoang Van Thu or To Hien Thanh suddenly find strange quiet.

In this second return of coming back to Nha Trang , I have visted Noi Island, which is one of the most famous islands in Khanh Hoa where birds nest and nest. Bird nest nest in the craggy, rugged cave, cool on the rocks. Swiftlets live in pairs in large displays up to several thousand, they do not sit anywhere outside their nests. Birds have small bodies, black feathers, daily they fly a hundred kilometers long to land for bait without rest. They can fly continuously from 5am to 20h, at an average speed of 40km / h, to catch flying insects such as flies, ants, flies and aphids.

Every year in the early spring, both males and females nest together. They release the fluid from the two glands in the mouth into transparent white strands, gradually attaching to the cliffs, interwoven together so that they harden into the nostrils. Bird nest season, laying eggs, raising children from January to August Ocean calendar. Their nest is easy to be damaged due to unfavorable environment (too dry, too hot, wet, windy, sea wave ...), but the bird is very persistent bird, lose the nest immediately rebuild the new nest And continue to lay eggs until the salivary gland is exhausted and can not lay eggs next.

From the past, oat exploiters have learned to take advantage of this feature of bird nest to organize harvesting nest. April is the first harvest. Lost birds immediately rebuild their nests, this time only 35-40 days. If not bird nourishment, people again harvest the nest. Bird nest to build nest in time

Hon Island nest is beautiful and romantic. Double arched beach with clear blue water, overlooking the living coral and many colorful fish swimming. The exotic shapes of the sea towards the sea are the ideal place to fish, relax and watch the seagulls fly around the island. From the top of Du Ha, you can see Hon Noi, some of the surrounding islands and oats. The whole scene is a blue one. Heaven and sea like harmony create beautiful scenery, no less romance. It is especially interesting to come to Hon Noi Nest Island where visitors can see the oats nest on the cliff. Yen nest in the cave, there are caves are very large, but also very narrow cave, only to be able to slip inside. Khanh Hoa Nha Trang you can not ignore Hon Noi Island

Hon Nest Island also has Double Beach. This is a unique beach as its name suggests. From the top of Du Ha, you see the beach is made up of a curved sand curved on two sides as two Cs lean against each other, like trying to hold small waves in the lap. The sea is quiet here, the water is in jade. Guests enjoy swimming and watching live corals and colorful fishes.


From Hanoi and Saigon to Nha Trang you can go by different means.

However, I would suggest hiring a plane or coach for quick and convenient.

  Aircraft: There are already some flights to Nha Trang from Viet jet, Jetstar, Vietnamairlines, Mekong. You can check the route and cost of your flights through its web site. Taking advantage of the after-sales and booking early 3 weeks before, you will always have the best tickets.

When I arrive in Nha Trang (Cam Ranh Airport), I have about 35 km to reach the City Center. If there is a 60k / pax transit bus, please use. And if you choose Taxi or Xe xe, tell the Taxi not to count the clock that pay package according to the route. Taxi from Cam Ranh Airport to Nha Trang City is about 300 - 350k only. Going east will benefit.

  If you can not get cheap plane tickets from Hanoi, you can go to Hanoi - Saigon. Then catch the bus Trang Trang running bed or normal passenger car Nha Tran

Car bed located bus to Nha Trang
  Sai Gon - Nha Trang: You can choose the bus of some famous bus companies in Nha Trang: Phuong Nam, Ha Linh, Nam Phuong, Phuong Trang, Hanh cafe, TM Brother, Ngoc Trang. Ticket price range 200 - 220k / pax (bed), 150k / pax (seat)

Also you should refer

 Car bed located in Ha Linh. 11h đêm, đến 2 bến cuối ~ 5 giờ chiều hoặc 6 giờ sáng.">

The advantage of these car manufacturers is: departure time of the airline: 8am and 7pm> 11am, to the last two stops ~ 5pm or 6am. tiết kiệm chi phí di chuyển đến hotel.">Starts at the center of 2 TP> cost savings move to the hotel. There is a pickup service on the way (must inform the ticket agent in advance). Transfer service (pick up and arrival) to hotel in HCMC. Tickets are relatively easy to set over the phone.

Try to use the bus tour in Q1 to the center of Nha Trang City so it will save a lot of money taxi or taxi when moving from bus station south of Nha Trang to that hotel (car There is a bus stop south of Nha Trang.

 Ha Noi - Nha Trang: You should choose Hoang Long, Sinh Cafe (open tour), Mai Linh: ~ 850k / time. Refer to Bed in the south.

Rent a motorbike in Nha Trang
Mr. Nam - 0905.111.541, just say Quynh introduced, he will get the best car for you + Nha Trang map always included. Price of 70.000 VND / day and 90,000 VND / day, delivery in the morning and at the place.
This car rental service looks like every hotel has a doctor. About 80k / day only.
Contact: 0984.080.357, with other services such as HDV, vinpearl tickets

Hotel and motel in Nha Trang
Binh Tan Bridge, Nguyen Tat Thanh Avenue: The hotel is right next to Binh Tan Bridge, overlooking the river quite romantic. KS price: 170k / day, if in 2.3 days negotiation range 150k / day.
The area of the husband, Pham Van Dong Street, this area of the Hotel a lot of countless, all kinds of prices. This area is close to Nha Trang's famous dining area, close to Nha Trang University, or you go straight Nha Trang University also KS. Price is relatively soft compared to the central area: 150k-180k / day.
Anh Thu Guest House in 24/19 Hung Vuong, about 120k / night for single room, and double room I do not know, 200k. You can book 0983 575 424, 058 3521 799 in advance.

I see a few more cheap accommodation near Binh Tan Da Tuong hospital, VietComBank bank.
Khanh mini hotel is located on Hung Vuong street, walking to the sea is: Contact A Viet 0932639124, the cheapest price is 200k / night, if ACE do not stay long, say Trung's friend to Nha Trang, will be reduced quite .

Queen Hotel 62 Hong Bang Street, Hotel is a bit far from the sea but near the dining area, cafe, if you want to go out, you should rent a motorcycle: car number 70k / day, station 90k / Prices do not pour gasoline). Hotel room for 2 people: 200k / day, for 4 people 300 - 350k / day. Tel: 0122777970.
Friendly Hotel 15 C2 Hoang Hoa Tham 0583525464 - 0905402279 (Loan) 200k
Golden Moon Guest House 0916003739 - 0983577822 Address: 98C / 5 Tran Phu Street Reference price: 200k-250k
Some hotels cost <200k. You should check first

Nam Phuong Hotel - 64B / 4A Tran Phu: (058) 3 524166
Song Linh Hotel - 64B / 15 Tran Phu: (058) 3 522.163
Tommy Hotel - 167 Hoang Van Thu: (058) 3 813243
Quan Ngon in Nha Trang

I have a very detailed article about the address of Quan Ngon Nha Trang. Below I would like to briefly write some of the points for the Dinghy.
Nha Trang cuisine
Go out to eat seafood, the bar is not Ten Do, do not listen to TAXI or Car counseling nhé, you just rent a motorcycle to wander the city, cross Tran Phu B bridge, turn left to Song River, Tower Road She is spoiled seafood, prices are already listed.

Nha Trang style sidewalks are easy to eat
On the beach, rent a canvas, make 100k squid, some cans of beer are hybrid with the waves. Many street vendors are very much.

Below, I would like to share with your guys my plan of visting Nha Trang for 3 days.

Day 1: Depart Saigon - Nha Trang - Po Nagar - Hon Chong

Pick a car to Nha Trang 22h to bus station south of Nha Trang about 6h45, then xe om for $ 50,000 / 2 guests to enter the Sun City Hotel. Location of the hotel is quite nice, near Tram Huong Tower and Sailing Club, Nha Trang night market and close to the sea so spoiled for walking in the evening.

Usually you will check in at 14h but if you are not sure you can tell the receptionist that you want to check in early and of course they will happily check the room for you. After check in, you can rent motorbikes at the hotel for 120,000 VND / car / day.

The first point to visit is Po Nagar Tower located directly on 2/4, Vinh Phuoc Ward, Nha Trang City. Ticket price is 22,000 VND / person / visit. The tower is located on the top of a small hill, named after Po Nagar, the goddess created by the clouds and the sponge, the creator of the earth, Produce precious wood, trees and rice.
The architecture of the tower consists of 3 floors, from the bottom up. At the ground floor is the gate tower. In the middle floor is a guest house for pilgrims to rest, prepare the offerings and prepare the dress before the official ceremony. The top floor is where the towers are located. When visiting the tower girls do not wear dresses, short sleeves can borrow a dress shirt to visit the tower.

The second destination of the day is Hon Chong, from Po Nagar Tower, you turn 2/4 direction north to Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street then turn into this road you will come to Hon Chong. Here you also have to buy tickets for sightseeing: 22,000 VND / person / way and free car parking.

According to my feeling, here is divided into three areas: First, the Assembly Hall with ancient houses display souvenirs, gems ...; Next is a view from the hillside overlooking the sea and a part of Nha Trang city, and finally the Hon Chong - the rock below which there is a stacked rock without a certain order. at all.
According to legend, it was formerly high cliffs and stands. One day, there was a young couple's boat being hit by a big wind that drifted into the sea. The boat flutter hit the cliffs. Large waves dragged the wife away. Husband rushed to pull his wife but the waves are getting stronger. The husband takes a wife with her hands, one hand clinging to the cliff. The capital was waving want to pour, now add the strength of the husband clinging to the cliffs that plunged into the sea and engulfed both young unfortunate couple. They die, but the husband's hand is still deep in the stone and holds on with time.
Leaving the Hon Chong we go along Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street and turn left onto 2/4 Street and find a tavern to recharge. Here are a few suggestions:

Bread soup:

• Madam Thua 55 Yersin soup

• 54 Phuc Hung soup cakes

• Quan Pho's Cafe 14 Phan Chu Trinh

Nem chua - chả silk - nem baked:

• Quan Nem 25 Le Hong Phong

• Nem Dang Van Quyen 16B Lan Ong

• Quan Nem Dang Van Quyen fell 3 Phan Boi Chau with Han Thuyen


Pho 63 Le Thanh Phuong

• Phở 70 Số 112 Bach Dang

• Pho Hong 40 Le Thanh Ton

Afternoon, you can stay at the hotel to rest, walk the sea or find some corner to enjoy coffee. By night, you can go to Nmart convenience store to buy 1-2 cans of beer and less dry ink or barbecue brought into the sea to watch the sea, watching Vinpearl Land at night. Next, explore the Sailing Club or Nha Trang Night Market.

However, I have spent time visting Alexandre Yersin Museum.

 Who is Alexandre Yersin?
As one of the few foreigners honored by the Vietnamese, we also learned a little about him in high school, hereafter I will use my little knowledge to introduce him through a human beings who is very meaningful for my Vietnam.
Yersin full name is Alexandre Émile Jean Yersin. He was born on 22 September 1863 in Aubonne, Switzerland and died on March 1, 1943, in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Alexandre Émile Jean Yersin is a medical doctor and well-known microbiologist and explorer in the world. Yersin is thought to be the discoverer of the Lam Vien Plateau and also the founder of Indochina Medical College (predecessor of Hanoi Medical University). He is the researcher and find out the bacillus causing plague (named after him Yersinia pestis).
In 1890, Yersin decided to leave France to Indochina. He came to Vietnam not as a traveler for Vietnam but as a health care physician for passengers and sailors on the Volga, a Saigon-Manila cruise ship. During this time, Albert Calmette, another Pasteur disciple, came to Saigon to meet Yersin for cooperation in attempting to found the Pasteur Institute in Saigon. Then Yersin was transferred to the newly opened maritime route of Saigon - Hai Phong, working as a doctor on the Saigon ship with only half the Volga, moving along the coast. Thanks to that, many times he walked and stopped in Nha Trang, a beautiful, quiet and sunny bay. Yersin was "fascinated" by the wild beauty of this land. Thus, in 1891, Yersin resigned from the Messageries, decided to live in Nha Trang.
In 1894, after finding bubonic plague in Hong Kong, he returned to Nha Trang and settled in the area itself. In Nha Trang, he lived in a wooden house in Xom Con and opened a free clinic for the poor. He was considered the first European doctor to practice the profession in this land. He raised several horses for the purpose of producing serum-specific serum anti-serum. Around 1895 - 1896, he was one of the founders of the Nha Trang Pasteur Institute and Suoi Dau Livestock Farm, for the purpose of studying the preparation of vaccines and serums for humans and livestock. At that time, Nha Trang people called him Mr. Nam (Dr. Nam). He died 1943 also in Nha Trang land.

I visit the museum Alexandre Yersin in Nha Trang when traveling Nha Trang
Currently, Nha Trang has a museum where Yersin objects used to work and study. The Alexandre Yersin Museum is currently located on the 2nd floor of the house located in the Nha Trang Pasteur Institute, No. 10 Tran Phu, Nha Trang City. This room is about 100m2 wide and has about 1,200 books and more than 50 Yersin items in the field of medical, astronomical and geographic research.
Visiting the Yersin Museum, I was surprised to see the ancient objects and equipment that served the research of the talented doctor Yersin. These widgets are of many types and areas from the ancient Leroy watch, documentary articles, morse signals, computers, globe to electrical instruments, telescopes and Other unique laboratory instruments. This demonstrates Yersin's wisdom and love of scientific research.
In addition to the tools, scientific research equipment for work, when visiting the museum, visitors will see a doctor Yersin idyllic with tolerance, generosity. He dedicates his life to researching, finding good healing solutions for people, but very simple material conditions from rattan chairs, beds, bookcases and wardrobes to everyday thingsư
Also, do not forget to stop at his grave at Suoi Dau (about 20km south of Nha Trang) to burn incense. This area has fresh air, green like Lam Vien plateau - Di Linh.

I do not have much time to visit this place, but if you have more time, I urge you to visit here. This is where the Pasteur Institute raised horses for vaccination. Come here to visit, visitors will understand why Yersin used to spend a lot of love for the land in Nha Trang in a letter to a friend, "Come here with me, he will know how interesting here. "The weather is not very hot, it's not very cold, it's an absolute tranquility and more work to do."
Day 2: Vinpearl Land

You can have breakfast at the 15th floor of the hotel, then buy Vinpearl Land ticket at the front desk for 650,000 VND / ticket / person. To move to Vinpearl Land you can use a motorbike or taxi.

Considered to be one of the world's longest crossing cable car lines, the route is 3.32 kilometers long, with an average height of 45 meters above sea level. The route is connected by seven piers at sea, two onshore and two at Nha Trang and Hon Tre. Transparency is ensured by the 47-seat eight-seat cabin, which reduces travel time to 9 minutes and 20 seconds, and can operate in 7-degree wind conditions.

I encourage you to take the cable car though a long wait but surely you will be satisfied with the experience gained.

Here are a lot of thrilling games like roller coasters, pirate ships, airplanes, DropSky ... follow the path down the elevator you will reach the world of the game (Game World) and especially you should try the game The mountain slider - very interesting.

Once you are sure you are out of the area, go to the Ocean, which houses 4D cinemas and aquariums. Visiting the aquarium you will feel like you are traveling in the middle of the blue sea, witnessing the sea creatures that you usually see only through the screen at home.

If you come in the right time frame from 11h00 to 11h10 and 15h00 - 15h10 you will be admired swimming mermaids show in the tank with the lovely marine life.

.stairs up and out, now before your eyes will be the game of speedy music rotation, you can try this game.

Then take a photo and take a picture with a phantom fellow, watch a magic show, or draw an artistic portrait for yourself.

19h30 is the time of water music, if you go on weekends or holidays should be early to choose the ideal sitting position.

Day 3: I-Resort

Due to limited time, we do not choose a tour to visit Nha Trang 4 islands, just take a picnic, go to coffee and visit Nha Trang Center. Inside Nha Trang Center also has Platinum Cinema, bar, food counter ... extremely diverse.

Then come to I-Resort located in group 19, Xuan Ngoc village, Vinh Ngoc. At first glance, I-Resort impresses guests with its harmonious design, traditional Vietnamese architecture, using simple materials (stone, wood and coconut water). Delicate. On the 6ha campus, Nha Trang I-Resort builders have divided into separate subdivisions such as: waiting room, family mud bathing area, mud bathing area - outdoor mineral water, spa area, swimming pool, restaurant. Very reasonable.

The roofs of coconut leaves, water lilies in front of the porch, countryside garden with gourd, flourishing flowers blaze of I-Resort Nha Trang tourists do not feel at the tourist destination but as Is returning to the Vietnamese countryside. And as a natural therapist, this beautiful rustic space contributes to purifying the soul, helping the traveler to forget the worries and worries in life and feel really relaxed when immersed in the Mineral mud bath
Prices of hot mineral mud bath services:

- Bath 1 - 3 guests: 300,000 VND / person

- Bath 4 - 5 pax: VND 250,000 / pax

- Tanks of 6 or more guests: VND 230,000 / person

- Children under 06: 150,000 VND / person

Muddy skin help smooth, youthful and firm skin. Mud bathing combined with hot mineral water bath will make these effects increase significantly. In particular, the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with mineral mud - mineral water in some rehabilitation hospitals has achieved some encouraging results: 50% reduction in joint stiffness compared to pre-treatment , 40% reduction in joint pain compared to pre-treatment, 35% improvement in shoulder joint function without any side effects.

Where is Nha Trang mud bathing good? In Nha Trang, you can choose the following mud baths:

- Thap Ba Hot Spring Center.

- Hundred Thousand Oaks Mineral Bath Spa Resort.

- I-Resort Hot Spring Resort.

Nha Trang Mud bathing: Steps to take notice

Step 1: Change your bathing suit, then instruct you to put on the hot mineral water bath soaking wet yourself to get into the mud bath, after entering the mud, bury the water sprayed with brown mineral water. After a few moments, after a dip you will feel your skin smooth and soft.

Step 2: Discharge of mineral mud with a warm shower of mineral water to clean, moving through the passage of two walls, the discharge of cold mineral water as the body as being massage, followed by the wall of hot mineral water Just as the massager is enjoying the warmth of the water jet, then moving to the hot mineral water bath, from the hot mineral water heats off a great sensation, hot mineral water causes his body to dissipate. Body fatigue, the body warms, exfoliates the skin, makes the skin white, this stage also soak for about 20 minutes but I still do not want to leave the bath tub Hot hot hihi ....

Step 3: Mineral bath movement move about a distance of about 50m near the hot mineral bath is a waterfall falls down there is hot mineral water, we are there for bathing and the streams from the top pour. Down massager back, take a bath about 5 minutes we dive into the next pool to drop into the cool water village.

On the way back you can enjoy the specialties of Nha Trang and the car back to Saigon, ending the journey to explore Nha Trang 3 days 2 nights full of fun.

That is the most basic thing I share about the coastal city of Nha Trang.
Next time I will share some more about some of Nha Trang's 2 nd experience, such as snorkeling, coral reefs, aquarium tours, as well as leisure activities in Vinpearl Land.

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