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Erasmus experience in Valladolid, Spain by Milène

Why did you choose to go to Valladolid, Spain?

I had a choice between Vigo, Valencia and Valladolid for my Erasmus year. Among the three, Valladolid was the only one where they speak Castillan.

Valladolid, Spain


How long was your stay? How much was your scholarship?

It lasted 10 months and I don't know the amount of my scholarship.


How is the student lifestyle?

Very good, there are a lot of Erasmus students, a lot of parties and events organised for Erasmus like parties and trips to visit areas of Spain. Spanish students are really open-minded and ready to help.

Would you recommend the city and the university of Valladolid to other students?


Is the food good?

Food is just awesome, amazing! It is cheap (in comparison with France), delicious, and tapas make for a sociable meal. You could find a lot of things in a wide range of prices!

Was it hard to find an accommodation in Valladolid?

No, there are a lot of advertisements on Facebook (depending on the city) and on the internet, for rooms or shared places.

The University


How is the cost of living?

I spent around 25 euros per week for my shopping (food and extras). Going shopping is not that expensive and neither are other activities.

Concerning language, did you take part in any classes?

No, I didn't need to attend clases because just having lessons in Spanish allowed me to progress in no time at all!

What is the cheapest way to get to Valladolid from your home city?

From Nancy (in France) I took the plane from Mulhouse to Madrid, and then Madrid to Valladolid by coach or train.

Where would you recommend going for a party?

Sunset, la Juanita, Cocoon club...

Cocoon Club


Where's good to eat in Valladolid?

100 Montaditos, Restaurante Aquarium, la Mejillonera...



Any other advice for future Erasmus students?

Travel, make the most of it, try to be in a houseshare to improve your Spanish and meet foreign students. Dare to speak to strangers!

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