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Erasmus experience in Valladolid, Spain

Why did you choose to go to Valladolid, Spain?

Because it was the only place that I could stay for a year and also because it's one of the regions where the best Spanish is spoken.

How long did you stay? How much funding did you receive?

I stayed 10 months and received approx. 600€ a month.


What is student life like in Valladolid?

It's great, there are lots of Erasmus students and there are lots of lively parties.

Would you recommend Valladolid to other students?

Not necessarily. There are other, more attractive, cities.

What is the food like?

Normal, there are also traditional dishes though.

How did you find accommodation?

Adverts on the internet and around town.

How is the cost of accommodation? And prices in general?

Between 250€ and 300€.

How did you find learning the language? Did you take part in any courses organised by the university?

Yes, I attended some courses at the beginning but I just picked up the language in day-to-day life.

What is the cheapest way of getting to Valladolid from your home city?

By Eurolines or the night train Elipsos.

Where do you recommend going out in Valladolid?

Juanita, Sotabanco, Tio Molono, Mambo, Tintin, Maderal.

And for food? What are your favourite places?

Giant hamburgers, kebabs and tapas.

What about cultural sights?

The museum of St Pablo.


Any advice for future students in Valladolid?

Make the most of your time in Valladolid, share the happy moments.

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