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Erasmus blog Utrecht

  • Utrecht Part 3.25

    Getting started In this article we’re going to take a slight pause from the Utrecht adventure and the sights to see and things to do. Rather, I will show you one of my favourite trips I had done during my stay there. It's worth noting that the Netherlands is found in...

    0 by Michael, 5 years ago
  • Utrecht Part 3

    Reintroduction This piece picks up from Part 2 in the Utrecht series. Previously we talked about how to prepare for a trip to the Netherlands, how to get to Utrecht, how to find a place to live (including a possible town that’s cheap and nearby) and much more. We also...

    0 by Michael, 5 years ago
  • Utrecht Part 2

    Getting set up This piece will pick up from our preparation article in “Utrecht Part 1”. To give this in brief, these series of articles will give you a foot up among your peers staying in Utrecht. These series of articles will explain how to enjoy Utrecht as an...

    0 by Michael, 5 years ago
  • Utrecht Part 1

    Preparations This adventure picks off during the time I was staying in the Netherlands for a semester exchange. I was going from the University of Adelaide all the way to the University of Utrecht. It was a vast difference going from an Australian University. The...

    0 by Michael, 5 years ago

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