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Experience in University of Salamanca, Spain by Daiana Mariel

Generally, what is University of Salamanca like?

I study in Avila, where there is a campus that belongs to the University of Salamanca. Ávila is a small city and so is the campus, but that is a good thing because, in my opinion, it is much more cozy and close for students.

What are the facilities like?

There are many facilities that you can find, for example, it's easy to meet your classmates, make friends, get to know the city, find a cheap apartment to live in...

What are the tutors like?

I think that in the university there are very good tutors, returning to the fact that it is a small university, in the end the professors know you well and in some way they care about you, they want to help you and that everything goes well for you ...

Are the lessons easy in University of Salamanca?

I think that when you learn most is when you go to class and listen to the teacher. The exams, at least the ones we do in my career, are passed if you have put interest because they are not super difficult exams impossible to pass.

Does the University organise activities? If so, what are they like?

Yes, some activities are prepared within the classes and then shared with other students (such as dances, for example). Activities to learn about the different cultures of university students are also common.

Do you think there is a good quality of teaching?

There is a bit of everything, there are very dedicated teachers and others who just read the information you have to learn

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