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Erasmus in Salamanca❣️

There is not much to say about my experience in Spain. But, my feelings have to. Can’t believe that there are students that don’t want to live a similar experience. You, that you’re reading this text right now, if you haven’t experienced this miracle yet, do it, now. GO ON ERASMUS. You will make memories to cherish all your life. So, i‘m gonna tell you how I experienced it. To start, my host university was Universidad de Salamanca. What a beautiful city! I was/am/will always be impressed by her beauty. It’s the most beautiful city in the world for me. And,now, that I visited again after I finished my mobility, I can say that it’s not the same if your erasmus friends are not there. The city is empty. Mff, my memories made me forget to talk about my experience, once again! So, the first days were a little bit akward, since I didn’t know anyone and I was trying to find the best accommodation for me. I’m not an easy person to live with, so I decided that it would be better not to have a flatmate or a roommat, so I made the decision to rent a studio only for me. It costed a lot, but it was so so so good. I really miss my home

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