A University with good and bad things… | Erasmus experience URJC

A University with good and bad things…

I study here, in the campus of Fuenlabrada, so I know what I say and, to be honest, the university is a chaos, specially the management and the teaching staff.

Teachers do as they please and it does not care how much, how and to whom you complain because they always put you off…

Facilities are great, you have gym for 60 euro per year, the library is big and the bar is well managed. The food of the bar (thanks to Arturo’s catering) is awful, but Sebas makes it bearable.

Reprography is always full of people and waiters are very nice, they do a good work.

Education quality, at least in Tourism, is dreadful due to the fact that the vast majority of teachers do not enjoy teaching, except two or three competent teachers who give interesting lessons.

I hope this will be useful for you! Oh! Near the university, there is anything! There are country and cows…so you always smell dung in the campus and it is cold and there is wind.

Well, near the university there is a bar where you can eat a “tapa”, a sandwich and a soft drink/glass of red wine/glass of beer for 3 euro.

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