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Published by flag-es Alberto Arestizabal Gil — 5 years ago

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Hello guys again! Ladies, gentleman, Erasmus or not, exchanges students in general from all over the world... I am here again to tell you about probably the experience that you must have lived if you have been an Erasmus in Turku or you have to live if you are going to be on Erasmus exchange in Turku, Finland. That is Hellcruise!

Probably some of you have never heard that word: Hellcruise. And probably some of you have been in one or have just signed up to go to one and you are with that weird feeling into your stomach that mix jitters, curiosity and wants to have fun. But how many of you know exactly what a Hellcruise is? And I do not mean the fact of having been in a hellcruise or having listen the friend's story about Hellcruise. What I mean is how many of you know what a "hellcruise" means, what you fell in a Hellcruise, what happens in a Hellcruise, what you can do in a Hellcruise, etc.



So, let me explain you about this gorgeous experience, about that wonderful time that you spend sailing the Baltic sea and, of course, about all that uncontrolled epicness that invades your body resulting from a brutal drunkenness.

To give you a brief definition as an introduction about a Hellcruise, I can say that it consists on a group of exchange students, being Erasmus the most of them, who take a boat trip along the Baltic sea from Turku, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden with the only goal in their minds of partying all the trip long. Normally, the people take the boat at 8:00 in the morning in Turku and when the boat arrives to Stockholm (around 20:00) people do not leave the boat in order to come back to Turku spending all the nightlong in the boat and arriving to Turku at 7:00 in the morning the next day. Of course, I should not say that during all the trip the people are partying really heavy, really loud and really crazy. And that is the experience which I think is by far, the best event that you can participate in being Erasmus in Turku.

When the people go into the boat, the first thing that everybody do is put direction to their rooms in groups of four to leave the light luggage (usually just a little suitcase or a bag) there. Then everybody usually go to the deck of the boat to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and take pictures and eventually, if there is a really huge group, a video recording the beginning of what will be without any doubt a wonderful journey, and everybody is there since that time in the morning shouting and looking like crazy with wants of party hard.






And until 22:30 approx., people start to walk around the boat, like "exploring" it or go to the cabin to sleep a bit. But at that time, I can ensure you that everybody start to be actively party-mooding because at this time the tax free opens its doors. And what means tax free? Cheap alcohol! The perfect complement to make this event funnier and crazier and taking into account that in Finland the alcohol is quite expensive, the people usually buy big amounts of that present from the gods!



As soon as people start to drink, the craziness starts to appear. The more alcohol, the funniest, the craziest, the most exciting and the coolest, that's a rule in a Hellcruise! And all those epic things which people will tell stories about after a Hellcruise start to happen:

The Parties are starting in all the rooms.





The cool meetings of drunk people appear.




The good moods emerge.




The madness seizes people.





- And all those crazy things that people start to do just to have fun:

* Improvising Moshpits at the halls.


* Market Trolleys Races.


* Spanish Party empowering the atmosphere.



* A guy with a dress.


* Bull-Troley-Fighting.


* You live the best philosophical moment of your life.


* Drink whole cans of beer in one shot.

* The Spanish people, following their Pathfinder's spirit, conquering the boat.


* Your friends appear with masks of your face


* Meet a group of spanish guys, choose one german guy, tie his hands and legs with tape, and then put him on the middle of a dancefloor and leave him there (true Story)

* Etc.

And everything continues until night, when the Disco at the boat open. So what all these drunk Erasmus start to do at the evening, even when they have been all the morning and afternoon, drinking, partying and doing all those crazy things, is go to the Disco to continue with the party. The part of the Disco could be so curious because of several reasons. The boat already has been in Stockholm, what means that more people have come into the boat just for partying. So, if you add to a group of hundreds of drunk and crazy Erasmus a lot of Swedish people with wants of party... imagine the result. And another point that could make the night curious is that (I do not know why but it always happens) the people who join us in Sweden sometimes are too much eccentric, and when I mean eccentric what I really want to say is "weird". Some examples that I remember are a guy dressed with leather clothes dancing in the middle of the disco and a travestied who height like two meters and he was trying looks like a girl.




When the disco closes you have two options. You can use your imagination to continue the party wherever you might go or you can sleep until the boat arrives to Turku, then Hellcruise will have end up. But you still have the way back home, what could become in a true adventure if you are lucky.


After that, what you will have is to have passed twenty-four hours in a row living an unforgettable experience which not everybody have the fortune to live in their whole lives and in the company of the best and coolest people that you have ever met for sure.

At least, that is what in my opinion a Hellcruise is, what means a Hellcruise, what should suppose live a Hellcruise for you and what is the place that Hellcruise must occupy into your Erasmus Experience.

10/10 Experience!

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