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My erasmus experience in Tallinn

Tere kõigile! // Hola a todos! // Hello everybody!

My exchange experience was awesome. The city itself is so handy and it brings you many activities such as lovely hideouts around the oldtown and cozy and cool cafes.

Cost of living is acceptable. Although I was coming from Spain which is slighty cheper than living in Tallinn.

Rimi is the best supermarket you can find to do groceries. It has bunch of useful house stuff and also any kind of food.

Living in the Dormitory is the best choice. It gives you the opportunity to make international friends and the atmosphere there is incredible . Economically speaking, it is the most affordable place you can sleep in.

Weather is the least thing I enjoyed during my time there. Most days are cloudy and overcast. Temperature is extremely cold  if you come from a warm place. Especially in Winter, hours of sunlight are nearly ineffective. Tip: Take vitamin D suplements and get a warm and thick coat to cope with this long and freezing weather!. I must say even though weather tends to be very moody in winter, you can see the entire city covered on snow. In summer instead,  it is so pleasant due to not high temperatures (20-25 ºC).

Tallinn University is a great university to attend to, which is close to the city centre. In addition, it porvides you such a good facilities and activities you can get involed in . Teachers are qualificated enough for teaching too.

I hope I helped you a bit of your decicion about choosing Estonia for Erasmus +.

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