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Waterfalls of Trollhättan

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Are you in for a refreshment?

Published by Geert Craane — 6 years ago

If you visit Trollhättan, you have to look for some sightseeing.

What is then better then see water coming from a rock?

You have to visit the Waterfalls of Trollhättan.

It's in the river of Göta älv in the province Västra Götalands.

During the winter you can't see it, but if you are there during the summer or spring, you can come to Västra Götalands to see the Trollhättefallen!

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Waterfalls in Trollhättan

Published by Nicole B. — 6 years ago

The waterfalls in Trollhättan are a very popular sight in the city as it is also one of the few existing ones. Nevertheless, it is worth while a visit for everyone who is nearby. Even though, the waterfalls are not of a natural kind, they are still very impressive.

The best view can be enjoyed on the bridge on the opposite of the locks, which is also easily identifyable due to the number of tourists visiting the place. Before the locks are opened a small information speech is given.

Afterwards, when the locks finally open it is impressive with what power and pace the water comes down. It is definetely worth while a visit when one is close by.

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