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Forest in Trollhättan

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Make it cosy!

Published by Geert Craane — 6 years ago

I like fire, it gives me good vibes and I also like the sound, the red flames, and the temperature of it. After a couple of weeks, It was getting colder and colder, so after a while desided to make a campfire with some friends, and yes we did! Close by the river of Trollhättan is a forest, there we searched for some wood. It was actually really hard to make it, it took us 1 hour to start a campfire, but when it was burning, we were proud! We did it without any benzine or other flameble stuff. Only a lighter and wood! 

If it's getting cold and dry, try do make a campfire with some friends! Take some beers with you and you will have a nice, warm and cosy evening!

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