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You need a drink?

Published by Geert Craane — 6 years ago

When I moved to Sweden for 6 months, I was actually really happy! After a few weeks I was wondering where I could buy alcohol? I saw in many shops beers, but only with a low percentage of alcohol. In Belgium you can buy alcohol in every story, also with a high percentage. So I was looking in Sweden for that too. 4 weeks later I talked with a friend of my, and he said there is a special store where you can buy alcohol. He told me te place where it was. During the weekend I planned to go to a party, and what is a party without alcohol. So I walked to the Systemboulaget and what a massive store! You can buy alcohol as much as you want! Specially they have beers and other stuff from different countries! Actually really funny, because I saw also beer from Belgium, it was expensiver then there, but still, I could drink my own belgium beer!

So keep in mind, if you are searching for alcohol in Sweden, go to the systemboulaget!

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