River of Trollhättan

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Look to the water!

Published by Geert Craane — 6 years ago

On Wednesday we have class from 8:15 till 17:00. It is a lab course, so sometimes we can leave earlier then excepted. I have a Swedish colleague where I have to do my lab with. During our lab, we had a lot of troubles. So at noon we desided to go to the city center ant to eat something. After our lunch, we desided to take a beer in Systemboulaget and to drink it close by the river. It was such a beautifull weather when we did that. I think it was 18 degrees with a clear sky and the sun was burning in the face. While we were there, drinking our beer, we had a nice view. Some birds who where playing in the river and also persons who were fishing. Beside that, If you want some rest or a nice place to walk, go besides the river! It's worth it! 

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