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Erasmus blog Trieste

  • The Trieste Diaries: Day 2

    Hi, everyone! I’ve just come to the end of my second day in the gorgeous Italian coastal city of Trieste (click here to read my post from day one), and I can now confidently say that it’s one of the best places I’ve visited in the country. Today, my friend and I...

    0 by Madeline, one year ago
  • The Trieste Diaries: Day 1

    Hi, everyone! If you’ve read my most recent post, you’ll know that I am currently on holiday with my friend in Trieste, an Italian city close to the Slovenian and Croatian borders. It is a place quite unlike any other, and today I’m going to be sharing our...

    0 by Madeline, one year ago
  • Trip to Trieste

    On our way back to Milan from Slovenia, you made a stop in the city of Trieste, which is located in Italy, but also very close to the border with Slovenia. In fact, we left from Koper, Slovenia by bus and less than 30 minutes after the departure, we arrived in Trieste....

    0 by Aurélie, 2 years ago
  • Historical cafes at Trieste

    Trieste is a well know city in Italy to discover many cafes, in this post I will give you some examples of places that you can visit in Trieste 1.       Caffè degli Specchi 7 Unità d’Italia Square credit of the picture   The café is located in the main...

    0 by Adriana, 3 years ago

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