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Erasmus Experience in Toulouse, France by Mariette

Why did you choose to go to Toulouse, France?

Because I've always heard very good things about it and I decided I wanted to go to a city in the south of France.

How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive for support?

The scholarship lasts for the months proposed in the Erasmus contract, but it arrives in December. I would recommend sending the certificate of arrival straight away to your university because the sooner you send that the sooner you get the money.


From the University of Bologna you receive 270 euros plus 30 euros from the MIUR. It comes in one installment. Save some money upfront because you will not receive anything during the first few months.

What's the student environment like in Toulouse?

It's very lively and dynamic. If you're an Erasmus student you will meet all sorts of people and you will participate in many different events! Basically, there's always something to do for us!

Would you recommend Toulouse to other students?

Definitely! It's a bit expensive, but it makes up for it with all of its other qualities.

How is the food in the country?

If you come from Italy be prepared to suffer! They have a particular concept of pizza and, given the cost, it really is not worth it! Shall we talk about pasta? I'll just say that they sell canned ravioli... But if you go to the supermarket you can find Barilla ready sauce or even Saclà. If you're good in the kitchen you will have no issues as you can use peeled tomatoes!

Was it difficult to find accommodation in Toulouse?


You need to wake up and be active. You need to know the different areas. Be careful not to get conned and you need to fight the extreme competition. The sooner you look for accommodation the better!

I suggest getting in touch with former Erasmus students, they might help you through Facebook for example and give you some useful contacts.

There are also many useful websites. I recommend Leboncoin, Lacartedecolocs, Appartager and Crij.

How much does it cost to live in Toulouse?

If you are clever about it, it is doable!

A shared flat is much cheaper than a one or two-room house and it can also be fun.

If discounts are ok with you you will not die of hunger.

Immediately get yourself the Carte pastel at the Tisséo. It allows you to travel by tram, bus and underground with only 10 euros a month. Great, no?


How's the language going? Did you attend any courses at university?

No problem! There are many language courses at university. With time you develop a good ear for it and the pronunciation improves a lot. It's important not to only stick with Erasmus but make an effort to spend time with others too.

What's the cheapest way to reach Toulouse from your city?

Plane ticket bought in advance. You can also look at other airports nearby.

Blablacar is also good, but the trip is intense.

Where would you suggest going for a night out in Toulouse?

Ibar, Cafépop... Barnum, La Dune...

What about food? Can you tell us your favourite places?

KFC now and then, but otherwise I eat at home.

There's a good pizza place in Campans Cafarelli.


Any advice for future students in Toulouse?

I'd say "Nothing Toulouse".

You will fall in love with the city :)

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