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Erasmus Experience in Toulouse, France by Luisa

How is student life in Toulouse?

In general, Toulouse is a university city so there are students everywhere. It's very pleasant to share with other students.

Erasmus Experience in Toulouse, France by Luisa


Would you recommend the city and the university of Toulouse to other students

Yes. I find that it's a city built for students. There is a lot of aid - be it for health or work.

How is the country's food?

I believe that the food is the best thing to try here! It really is wonderful!

Did you have any difficulties in finding accommodation in Toulouse?

Yes. There are always difficulties when it comes to finding accommodation but there is social support which help find accommodation for students.

How are living costs in Toulouse?

It's 300-400 euros, more or less: approximately 250 euros for accommodation, 10 euros a month for transport (because I'm under 25 years old) and 100 euros for food and nights out.

How is learning the language? Did you attend any courses organised by the university?

Yes. I was enrolled onto a French course for foreign students at the university throughout the duration of a year. However really, you learn a lot with friends.

What's the most affordable way of getting to Toulouse from your city?

It's by plane and flying when it's not a bank holiday or holiday.

And which cultural visits do you advise?

Le musée des Augustins. I liked it enormously!

Erasmus Experience in Toulouse, France by LuisaGargoyles (Musée des Augustins, Toulouse)


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