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David's Experience in Toulouse, France

Why did you choose to go to Toulouse, France?

Toulouse is the best city to study and work in for my profession.

How long did the scholarship last? How much money did you receive?

As an Erasmus student, the scholarship lasted 9 months, and amounted to €450 per month.

David's Experience in Toulouse, France


What is student life like in Toulouse?

Toulouse has three universities (so you can study most degrees here).

It has a population of around 800, 000, of which about 30%-40% are students.

The most striking thing is that there's hardly anyone over the age of 60, so it's a really young population (between 18-35 years old).

Would you recommend the city and the university of Toulouse to other students?

Yes, if what you want is a good education.

Being Erasmus doesn't give you a free pass; you do the same exams as the French students do, including oral presentations. Meaning that international students don't get extra help or facilities, like in other cities. The competition is greater, because there are lots of students.

How is the food?

The same as in Spain. They cook with oil, not with butter (like they do in the north of the country).

There are lots of restaurants of every type. It's a multicultural city, and its restaurants are multicultural too.

David's Experience in Toulouse, France


Was finding accommodation in Toulouse difficult?

It's not difficult to find accommodation in student residences.

You can also apply for a grant called the CAF, which adds up to about 40% of the monthly rent.

Finding accommodation in a flat is usually much more complicated, even for people with jobs, and in the majority of flats they want you to have a salary three times higher than the monthly rent.

What is the cost of living in Toulouse?

Monthly spending:

  • Accommodation in a student residence - €250-€300 (deducting the CAF - €110-€160), with electricity, water, and internet included.
  • Public transport for under-26s - €10 (+ €16 one-off payment for the Tisséo card).
  • Food in the university restaurant - €3. 50.
  • Meal of the day in a restaurant - €10-€15.
  • Gym - €30 on average.
  • Other costs - varies.

Overall you can survive on €500 per month, going out occasionally (getting in to clubs costs €10-€25, drinks around €10-€15, bottles cost more).

How is the language? Did you go to a language course in the university?

You really need to be fluent, since nearly all degrees subjects are taught in both languages.

What's the cheapest way to get to Toulouse from your home city?

Drive from León.

From big cities in Spain, take the plane, .

David's Experience in Toulouse, France


What places would you recommend for going out in Toulouse?

There are loads of clubs, all with different vibes:

O'Club, Oppium, El Divino, Coulisses, Purple, Zona Saint Pierre.

And what are your favourite places to eat in Toulouse?

La Bonita, Ô Fait Maison, El Chivito.

David's Experience in Toulouse, France


Any advice you would like to give future students in Toulouse?

If you want to get a good education, I recommend going to Toulouse.

On the other hand, if all you want to do is enjoy the Erasmus life, I wouldn't recommend it. You'll gain friends and hangovers, but you'll go home without money, and having failed your subjects.

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