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    YUSUF CAN KILIC/TURKEY Hi.I am from Turkey.I am studying in Kocaeli University.I am from Ankara.My department is Political Science and Public Administration.Also,I am making double major with International Relations department.The autumn term,I am in the...

    15 days ago
  • Two 20 years old girls looking for accommodation in the Hague

    Hello everyone!We're two girls from France, we're 20, and we're going to the Hague University of Applied Sciences for the Spring semester (January- June/July 2018). We'd like to live with other eramus students, we love meeting new people  :) We're calm and friendly,...

    16 days ago
  • 20 year old, boy , erasmus sudent, looking for accomodation near the Hague University of applied sciences.

    Hey, I'm looking for accomodation for my erasmus in the Hague, I will begin the erasmus in February 2018 and will probably finished it in Juni. I am somebody very calm, friendly and sociable. I would love to live in place with others students. Please contact me if you...

    16 days ago
  • I'm 45 year old girl, looking por accomodation in La Haya, close to the city center

    I am a Spanish woman, in my 45, I have not pet, I consider myself to be extrovert, sociable, tidy and I like the cleanliness, I like to take care of the things specially were  I live. I am very responsible. I would like to share a flat with a girl mainly tidy and...

    16 days ago
  • 23 year old girl,looking for a room in Hague

    Hi, I am a 23 year old law student from Greece and I am looking for a room in Hague, where I will be doing my Εrasmus practice from 4/1/2018 until 31/3/2018. I am searching for a room with a private bathroom/ toilet or shared with one person in an apartment/ studio....

    17 days ago
  • 23yo redhead girl looking for room(mate), studio in The Hague

    Hi,  let me introduce myself. I am Barbora from Czech republic and I gonna study in The Hague this spring semester (2017/2018) so Im looking for accomodation from January 2018 until June/July 2018. Looking for shared room or single room or studio (kinda doesnt matter),...

    26 days ago
  • 18 year old outgoing, tidy girl looking for accommodation in Den Haag

    18 year old outgoing, tidy girl looking for accommodation in Den Haag. Looking for fun roomates up for the occasional night out but who are also tidy and respectful of shared areas in particular. Particular interests are hockey, drama (particularly musicals) and going...

    one month ago
  • 28yr old hydrologist writing his MA thesis, looking for a room

    Hey there, I´m an 28yr old hydrologist from Austria, looking for a place to stay while writing my MA thesis. Hope to find a decent, non-anonymous collective with sociable people to spend evenings with. I have a lot of experience with flatsharing, appreciate a clean...

    one month ago
  • I am a 20 year old Bulgarian who is looking for accommodation in The Hague. :)

    Hi everyone! I am going to study Media and Entertainment management in Inholland university of applied sciences in The Hague. I come from Sofia, Bulgaria and I love woring out, drinking beer, reading and meeting new people. I am looking for a place to stay for the...

    3 months ago
  • 23 year old guy looking for accomodation in the Hague

    I am a music student from Singapore pursuing my degree and I play the French horn. I will be on exchange at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague and I am looking for a room during my stay from January to July of 2018. I am a neat and tidy person and do not smoke and hope...

    2 months ago
  • Hi we are two 22 year old students looking for an accomodation in The Hague.

    Hi,  We are two students coming from Canada, and we are looking for an accomodation, near the University of The Hague. We are looking preferably for an apartment all furnished but we are open to studios if we are aloud to be two inside.  Thank you for you...

    2 months ago
  • Looking for a Stadio

    I'm Adnan Moved from Qatar 20 years old, studying at the Hague university

    2 months ago
  • 23 year old guy looking for accommodation in the Hague

    Hi all,  I am Imran, 23 years old and I am looking for an accommodation in the Hague. I am a postgrad student, an Indian who completed his bachelors and masters in the UK and I am coming to the Netherlands in search of a job. I am a clean, spiritual person and loves to...

    2 months ago
  • Student looking for a flat in Den Haag

    I am a student in music arriving in the few days in Den haag, looking for a flat! Easy going ( not goiong to practice at home!) I am used to live in a shared flat ( I lived the past 5 years with a bunch of others international students! I'm looking forward to finding a...

    2 months ago
  • 22 year old Masters student looking for accomondation in Den Haag/Leiden or nearby

    Hey, I'm a British student reading Public International Law Masters at Leiden. Term starts on the 04/09 and I'm ideally looking in to move as soon as possible. I am very easy to get on with - super tidy, clean and friendly. I like being sociable. I have lived in shared...

    2 months ago
  • 18 year old English boy. No pets. Non smoker Dancer at Koncon. Looking for affordable accommodation in the Hague.

    I am a student hoping to be continuing my dance training at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague in Sptember if I can find accomodation. Besides my business in dance I am particularly interested in music. I am a tidy person and I enjoy just chilling whenever I have the...

    2 months ago
  • i'm roberto reitano 24 years old, i'll move in den haag to start a traineeship for 4 month and i'm looking for a room 400 € max.

    Hi i'm roberto , and i'm 24 years old. i'm looking for an accomodation not expansive 400 € inclusive. i'll move to den haag for a traineeship of 4 month. I'm looking for an accomodation not too big and i hope to find no italian roommates, so can i improve my english...

    2 months ago
  • 19 year old student at Leiden looking for accommodation

    I'm Kinan (son of sahar) and I will be studying International Relations for Leiden university at The Hague. I'm a fun outgoing person who's hobbies include writing,  reading, watching movies, running, cycling and general exercise. I'm an open person who appreciates...

    2 months ago
  • Room hunt in den haag

    Am looking for room/studio in Dan haag. First year student at Leiden campus studying international relations . Am social and friendly individual serious yet enjoy fun and diversity in life. I enjoy reading, writing, walking and meeting people. ...

    2 months ago
  • 19 years old male looking for accommodation in Den Haag

    Very decent and quite individual,  first year student at Leiden campus for political  science.  Social and friendly enjoy meeting people from different back grounds.  Non smoking,  no drinking.  Personal interests Are reading,  writing and playing music. 

    2 months ago

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