Walking Through A Classic Street In Tbilisi

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well. Today I want to share with you all about a lovely place to walk in the city of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. You may all wonder what is there with walking in a street, this is something which everyone does in their everyday life. Yeah I absolutely agree it but still there is a difference between walking in the streets and enjoying a walk in the street. The Marjanishvili avenue in Tbilisi is one such place where you can enjoy your walk. If you can't still agree with my opinion please check the picture that is attached with this article. You may then reconsider your opinion.


It was a cool but sunny day in Tbilisi and I was sitting idle at home. I just thought of going out for a while but I was not really sure where to go yet I got dressed up to leave from home. I thought that it is better to do something rather than to waste time doing nothing at home. I reached the metro station and boarded a metro train. The train reached Vukzali which was the last station. I had to get down and I thought of going out to Vukzali, but it did not appear as good idea to me. Therefore I went to the interconnecting metro and boarded the other metro train. The first station next to Vukzali was Marjanishvili. I thought of getting out of the metro and visiting some shops there at Marjanishvili. After getting down from the metro I stepped into the escalator to get out of the metro station.

After getting out of the metro station I decided to walk towards the main road. Till then I had visited Marjanishvili a lot of times but each time I visited this place I had some work therefore I didn't get any time to stand and admire the place. But this time I had no work and when I viewed the city standing on the road it appeared as an amazing architectural town to me. The street was remodelled the last year in a classical way. The buildings all appear like the buildings of the 18th and 19th centuries. Each building is decorated so artistically and coloured with different colours. On both sides of the road there are lamp posts that resembles the old classical times. Even the dustbins placed in the streets looks like antique art works. The water taps placed in the streets are also so artistic. The taps are in the form of lion and when the tap is turned on the water flows out through the lions mouth. On both sides of the road there are numerous shops. Most of the shops in the Marjanishvili avenue are Turkish shops. There are two famous Turkish restaurants called Supra and Ankara located here. Both restaurants are original Turkish cuisines located in the adjacent buildings. They both offer some delicious Turkish foods. Ankara stands for a longer time in this place than the newly opened Supra.


After walking a little distance in the same avenue you will come across a beautiful Turkish stationery store. It was quite a big store and there were stationery articles such as pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, sharpeners, books, files, envelopes, pencil cases, greeting cards, etc. It took a little time for me to explore everything in the shop. After travelling a few distance in the same road I came across a public concert hall where it had a metal engraved sculpture of the Sun. The building has a vast space in the entrance and near by the building there is a cool park. The park is a really good place to visit during summers. There are fountains placed below the surface of the park. When the fountain is turned on the water from the below surface will move in a systematic pattern. There are three such fountains located below the surface of the park. There are also chairs near the park from which you can sit and admire the beauty of the park. The park appears small when looked from the road but it has a big area inside. Behind the three fountains is a statue of a male and female in the traditional dance wear of Georgia. There is a small fountain beneath the statue through which water keeps flowing. It is a kind of a weak fountain. There is a small gate entering which will take you to the large park that lies behind the small park in the city. On the left hand side wall there are some old and rare pictures of Tbilisi in the past. There is a children play zone in the second park and there are two paths which is laid in order to come around the park. There are some big roof like structures made of wood. Inside it there are some chairs which are mostly occupied by couples who visit the park in the evenings.

Moving out of the park all that you can see is a baby toy store. Walking to the left there is a milk shake parlour that I consider is opened especially for school children. They provide milk shakes in different flavors such as strawberry, banana, chocolate, coffee and vanilla for just 1 GEL. The shop also sells donuts. I forgot to mention about the most interesting place right in front of the metro station in Marjanishvili. It is none other than the famous McDonald's. Unlike other branches of McDonald's found in other parts of the city this place is always full and crowded. Here you get some worlds favourite food. I love milk shakes in McDonald's! Moving further away from the streets is located the ESN Tbilisi's office where you can go and have some fun time with other ESN friends. The catharsis which is an old people home is present in the streets of Marjanishvili. As I crossed the building I could remember all the activities that I did during the Catharsis project with other ESN friends. The bus station located in this street and has a classic structure with a metal shed that resembles something from the 18th and 19th century.


I almost reached the end of the street where on the right side I could see a small park with a small mushroom fountain in it. There were even benches for people to sit. A long fun walk through an artistic street came to an end. I was wondering at every little detail the architects planned for re-creating a street that belongs to the 18th or the 19th century. Crossing the road from the point I was standing took me to a bus stand where a bus for my home would arrive. In less than 5 minutes I got a bus and I boarded the bus back home just thinking about the fun I had and the memories that crossed my mind during the short walk in Marjanishvili avenue.

Thank you for reading it patiently and feel free to mention any comments or suggestions below. Till I publish my next article here, keep smiling and cheers.

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