Experience in Skopje, Macedonia by Jovana Godzo | Erasmus experience Skopje
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Experience in Skopje, Macedonia by Jovana Godzo

What is it like to live in Skopje? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Skopje is so full of life! People are always out and about whether they are in the parks walking their dogs, shopping, bargaining with the street vendors, eating at outside restaurants or just walking around. Come and see, trust me...YOU WILL LOVE IT!

What is the student lifestyle like in Skopje?

Well it depends in what university you are in but all in all I think from my perspective it’s not that hard.
The classes are interesting with fun breaks and the people around you are so easy going and nice so you’ll fit right in.

How much does it cost to live in Skopje?

Because I’ve lived here my whole life I’ve gotten used to the whole thing. So look, If you’re a student here in Skopje you will probably wanna go out every now and then between exams and when you finish them. The night life here is always there. You can go out whenever you want on whatever day you want its not gonna be a problem there’s always a party around here and a lot of people going. So I can say that if you are the kind of a person who wants to get a good meal in a restourant or get coffee with friends or even go shopping you’ll need some money in order to get through the day. But in comparison to USA or other cities in Europe, Skopje is a pretty cheap city. People come here from London or New York and they are shocked how cheap is everything in comparison to other cities.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Skopje? Is there any advice you can give?

No it’s not hard at all. There are plenty of nice hotels, apartmants and motels so you’ll find a place to stay very quickly. In my opinion if you are looking for an apartmant the best thing to do is find one on Vodno. The view is great it’s the highest point in the city and its refreshing and clean. The only noise you’ll have is from the nature.

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

This country is well known for a lot of things and unique food is one of them. We have traditional food and this is the only place where you can have it. I mean yes you have balkan restourants all over the world but thats nothing in comparison to what you’ll taste here. I don’t have a particular favourite dish but the macedonian barbecue its awesome. Also when its winter and snowing you can go to Dukat and have a chicken soup and feel really really happy and warm. If you’re a foodie this is the place to try new dishes and be amazed. :D

What places would you recommend visiting in Skopje?

First you have to go and visit all the museums especially the Museum of the Macedonian struggle. The museum displays the struggling agony the Macedonian people experienced, their resistance against the communist dictatorship, sacrificing their lives for an independent, united and democratic Macedonia. Than you should go hiking at the top of Vodno and see the city from up there especially if you are here for the summer you should go around 7 or 8 o’clock its breathtaking. Then go and ride in the gondolas and you’ll see the Millennium Cross.You should go to the centar and walk around and see all the beautiful scuptures are fine city has. Also, you must visit Canyon Matka and walk on the Stone Bridge. Go to the Skopje Fortress and learn about our history.

Is the nightlife good in Skopje? Where is good to go?

Yes the night life here you can probably say it never ends.
In the summer there are a lot of open nightclubs right next to the City Park so you’ll have options given what music you like. In winter you should go to Stanica 26 or Epicentar. In the seasons inbetween the nightclubs are closing other ones are opening so you will find plenty to go to. Before going to a nightclub if you want to go for a drink with friends you should go to Intermezzo, Casa Bar, Brick Bar, Forza, Bkw, Spalato.

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