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Experience in Sarrebrücken, Germany by Camille (France)

How did you find the city of Saarbrücken to live in? Would you recommend it? How is the city?

It's a really beautiful city. The people are very friendly.


How is the student atmosphere in Saarbrücken?

There are so many students so the atmosphere is great. And the campus is also awesome.

What is the cost of living in Saarbrücken?

Life is not very expensive in any case compared to France. One easily finds cheap and nice places to go out and eat.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Saarbrücken? Do you have any advice?

This is the one big disadvantage in Saarbrücken: housing. As I said before there are many students but very little accommodation options. So you have to anticipate and start looking long before if you want to find a decent apartment. On the other hand there are many shared flats.

You have to go to the site this is where I found mine like many other students.

How is the food in the city? What are your favorite meals?

The food is not that great compared to France. But there are still some nice restaurants.

What places would you recommend to see in Saarbrücken?

You have to see the castle, you also especially need to go in the Ludwigskirche, it's beautiful inside and it's quite surprising. Otherwise you have to go to the Bahnhofstr. because that's where all the shops are, it's awesome (Primark, TKmaxx... ).

And there also is, in the outskirts of Saarbrücken, the Saarschleife it's a must and it's free with the student card.


And to eat in Saarbrücken? Can you tell us your preferred location?

The Vapiano and the Kartoffel. There is also a nice Belgian restaurant called Tempelier.

What places would you recommend to go out in Saarbrücken?

Do not go to the Garage, the atmosphere was very strange!

The Seven was good. For the fans of rock you have to go to the Modul and for fans of rap, to the Kuffa.

Otherwise, all the bars are good to try!

What advice for future Erasmus students from Saarbrücken?

Have fun, believe me it goes faster than you think. Do not put yourself barriers that you will regret after your Erasmus year. Do everything you would never have done in "real" life!

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