FALSI AMICI-10 words in Italian that have different meaning in Spanish

Ciao a tutti! /Hello everyone

Today, i'm going to give some words that i learned daily and i call "falsi amici-fake friends", because there some words that exist in sapnish but it doesn't mean the same. So, i'm going to give you lots of surprises.


Let's have fun for a while.

1. Burro/donkey:



One of the most funny word is burro, the meaning in spanish is donkey, but in italian is butter. Big surprise eh?, the correct word for donkey in italian is asino.

2. Salire/get out:



That word i learned from the famous movie, " la vita é bella", when the wife of the protagonist(dora) tells to the soldier :voglio salire!

(Salire:italiano-salir:español), salire sounds like a spanish word salir, which is get out. But in this scene dora was outside, so what does it mean?

Salire(it)- go up.

Salir(es) - uscire (it)-get out




Aceto sounds like an spanich word aceite, it means oil. But obviously there are different words, aceto is vinagre and oil is olio.please be careful if you know spanish you can buy things by mistake.

4.carta/paper sheet:

For spanish people it means letter, but for italian people is paper sheet.

5. Guardare/look:

There's a famous phrase: guarda con atezzione!. well, for the pronunciation and the similar words in spanish, we can confuse for the phrase: guarda con atencion(keep careful). but noooo, "guarda con atezzione" means look carefully, so weird?

6. Imbarazzata/embarrased:



Imbarazzata sounds like “embarazada” , but it's not like taht. The correct translation is imbarazzata is embarrased and embarazada is pregnat. There's 2 words are so different, so please be careful!

7. Vaso/cup:

Don't ask for an italian to lend you a "vaso"(cup) because for them mean pitcher. So, they are going to mock on you.




Caldo in spanish is soup, but in italian is hot or warmth, and soup in italian is brodo.

9. Portafoglio/wallet:

Portafoglio sounds like spanish word portafolio or portapapeles, but the correct translation is wallet

10. ciao/hello or bye:

Italians use ciao,when they want to say hi or bye.

If you are an spanish speaker, maybe you should takes notes, ciao!

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