Turiba University

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Turiba University Family

Published by Gema Sánchez-Grande — 4 years ago

In the pictures you can see the gardens, the computer class, winter flowers, and the cafeterie. 

Turiba University is a nice and familiar place, the cafeteries are really cheap and a good place to have lunch with the rest of the erasmus people.  We have a lot of computer classes, and we also have a pet: a white cat!! I will upload pictures next time!! :*

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The Beautiful Turiba's pet

Published by Gema Sánchez-Grande — 4 years ago

We have a beatiful pet in Turiba... a small white cat. Is not small at all... I will say is a bit fat. The white cat is all the day sleeping and eating, and receiving love from the students. If you want to find him, try it in all the radiators of the building. He really loves to sleep on them!!

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