Ķemeri National Park

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Nature freaks, you will love it here!

Published by Monika P — 3 years ago


right now I am on Erasmus in Latvia and I totally fell in love with Ķemeri, which is a town near the capital, Riga... It used to be a forgotten village but when minal waters and healing mud were found, it grew into an important town of Soviet union...

The White Ship (a hotel) was built as the rumor about the town was spread and the need to accommodate people was urgent. 

Now you can visit the town and go on the Sloka trail (which leads you through forests), admire churches and a park, or - as the most of tourists do - go on so called the Bog trail. As you probably already figured out... The Bog trail is knows for its swamps and breathtaking and picturesque nature!

I saw a lot from the town but I keep coming back on the Bog trail as it is constantly changing by current weather and season.

Take a look and plan your visit. Well, what do you think it will be like this winter?

See you there!!!

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