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  • origo

    Origo Mall is located in downtown Riga right next to the city's hub. It features shops, cafes, restaurants and services, and a direct connection to the Riga Central Railway Station. You can visit all kinds of different shops here, buy souvenirs, coins, exchange...

    0 , 4 years ago
  • Ķemeri National Park

    Hi, right now I am on Erasmus in Latvia and I totally fell in love with Ķemeri, which is a town near the capital, Riga... It used to be a forgotten village but when minal waters and healing mud were found, it grew into an important town of Soviet union... The White...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Turiba University

    We have a beatiful pet in Turiba... a small white cat. Is not small at all... I will say is a bit fat. The white cat is all the day sleeping and eating, and receiving love from the students. If you want to find him, try it in all the radiators of the building. He really...

    0 , 6 years ago
  • Old Town

    The Old Town in Riga is so magic and historic. Give a chance to yourself and get lost in the tiny streets, finding amazing places whether to eat, drink or buy souvenirs. (Photo source) From the St. Peters Church, the Dome Square to The Black-heads House, you can enjoy...

    0 , 8 years ago
  • cetral market

    This market is the biggest in Riga, here you can find everything: meat fish fruit vegetables flowers. definately every thing!!! is really colorfull and there you can meet the original inhabitants of the city. behind the market side you can find a lot of small shops...

    0 , 12 years ago
  • the freedom monument

    The freedom monument is the most important monument in Riga. it was built by economic assistances of the inhabitants to celebrate the liberation from Russia, but during the soviet time, so the secondo invasion, Stalin decided that the monument would have meant the great...

    0 , 12 years ago
  • alberta iela

    This is the main street where you can see the effects of the Art Nuveau or JungenStil. big buldings near the embassies are really nice. you can hang out there without visiting the inside of the buldings but sometimes you can find the doors open. in the same distric...

    0 , 12 years ago
  • Esplanade park

    Time to relax This is a big park-square where you can hang out with friends or just rest for a while. During the winter there's a huge snow slide and during the summer time fairs or local market.

    0 , 12 years ago
  • Occupation Museum

    The occupation museum is usefull for getting know the history about the soviet and german invasions in Latvia. There are objects, military and not, panels that explane what exactly happened, and even a reproduction of a gulag dorm. Films and books to sell, library and...

    0 , 12 years ago

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