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  • Rozengrals

    From the entrance at the street level the clients descend down into the dungeons of medieval Riga. Everything is well done and presented at the table. Delicious venison and i do advise the onion soup. Great place where to dine or just to go for a drink. Amazing...

    0 , in Where to eat Riga, 3 years ago
  • origo

    Origo Mall is located in downtown Riga right next to the city's hub. It features shops, cafes, restaurants and services, and a direct connection to the Riga Central Railway Station. You can visit all kinds of different shops here, buy souvenirs, coins, exchange...

    0 , in What to see Riga, 5 years ago
  • Portāls VR Arcade

    Portals is all about Virtual Reality. You can choose experiences or games. Experiences are about discovery. You could climb the Everest, discover the world with Google Earth VR, go in space inside the International Space Station. How is this possible? Once the VR...

    0 , in What to do Riga, 5 years ago
  • Hasana kebab and grill

    Best place to enjoy the tastes of delicious kebab and shashlik, vegetarian, falafel chicken beef kebab, and chicken, beef, lamb shashlik, salads, biryani, burgers and more. At hasana kebabs and grills. Go to krisjana barona street 44 and enjoy ! or deliver to home. ...

    0 , in Where to eat Riga, 5 years ago
  • Ķemeri National Park

    Hi, right now I am on Erasmus in Latvia and I totally fell in love with Ķemeri, which is a town near the capital, Riga... It used to be a forgotten village but when minal waters and healing mud were found, it grew into an important town of Soviet union... The White...

    0 , in What to see Riga, 6 years ago
  • Turiba University

    We have a beatiful pet in Turiba... a small white cat. Is not small at all... I will say is a bit fat. The white cat is all the day sleeping and eating, and receiving love from the students. If you want to find him, try it in all the radiators of the building. He really...

    0 , in What to see Riga, 6 years ago
  • Turiba University

    Turiba University. For all this students who will come to Turiba University next year. In the pictures you can see the french class, the corridors and the hostel building. Turiba is a nice university, it's easy to pass the tests and very familiar. You will have a great...

    0 , in What to do Riga, 6 years ago
  • Old Town

    The Old Town in Riga is so magic and historic. Give a chance to yourself and get lost in the tiny streets, finding amazing places whether to eat, drink or buy souvenirs. (Photo source) From the St. Peters Church, the Dome Square to The Black-heads House, you can enjoy...

    0 , in What to see Riga, 8 years ago
  • Folkklubs "Ala"

    Located in the heart of the Old Town Riga is the most fun bar where to go to! It has the real Latvian atmosphere, the best people and the best beer! This is a place where you can go to dance at the weekend or just go nd have a tasty latvian lunch in an atmosfere which...

    0 , in What to do Riga, 9 years ago
  • Fontaine Delisnack

    Owned by Louie Fontaine, the famous Danish rock god, DeliSnack was the first good burger who joined in the city. The best way to describe this place is fast food done slowly, great selection of burgers, pizzas and snacks. Louie Fontaine's empire doesn't stop at two...

    0 , in Where to eat Riga, 9 years ago
  • Manhattan Double Coffee

    One of the best places in Riga to quick, tasty and inexpensive meal!

    0 , in Where to eat Riga, 12 years ago
  • Na Kadu Problemu

    This is an open air bar during the summer and it's really nice. The beer is cheap and good and you have quite a big choice of typical drinks. You can also eat there and, of course, it is cheap and good. The best to me are the sticks of fried bread with garlic sauce....

    0 , in Where to eat Riga, 12 years ago
  • B&B Riga

    Cosy B&B 15 minutes walking from the old town or just a couple by tram. I've seen some students living there but the kitchen is really small and inside the rooms. The prices are good but maybe this place is better for families or for who wants a quite place.

    0 , in Where to sleep Riga, 12 years ago
  • Green Apple

    This hostel is located in the old town, it is quite nice but nothing compared to other hostels. Being in the old town, it is not that cheap, but if you don't like walking or paying for (really cheap) public transport this is the right place for you. Wi-Fi and kitchen.

    0 , in Where to sleep Riga, 12 years ago
  • Funky Hostel

    Quiet and nice hostel near the old town, just ten minutes walking. Easy going people in there, cosy rooms and common room. I think this is one of the cheapest and nice place to stay next to the center.

    0 , in Where to sleep Riga, 12 years ago
  • Kipsala dormitory

    This is a dormitory for students where you can live without paying a lot. Is nice, fully furnished and is next to swimming pool, gym, a big super market with 2 floors and a lot of shops. This dorm is on the other side of the river, but is just one stop by bus to get the...

    0 , in Where to sleep Riga, 12 years ago
  • Martins Bekereja

    This place has awesome and delicious cookies, cakes and salty food. Of course, tea and snacks. Everything is home-made and you can taste it! Great place to have breakfast, brunch or rest during the afternoon!

    0 , in Where to eat Riga, 12 years ago
  • Kabuki

    Sushi restaurants are everywhere in Riga, and every each of them is cheap and good, but Kabuki is the best one. quiet place and relaxing music where you can enjoy good Japanese soups, sushi and sashimi and delicious teas.

    0 , in Where to eat Riga, 12 years ago
  • Pelmeni XL

    It is a cheap place where you can taste a typical "raviolo": Pelmeni! The restaurant in Kalku Iela opens until 4 am. Pelmeni aren't the best but if you are hungry and you don't want to pay a lot this is the right place.

    0 , in Where to eat Riga, 12 years ago
  • Lido

    Traditional Latvian Food It is a company that has several restaurants in the city: it offers a wide choice of typical Latvian food and drinks for really affordable prices. In the city center the restaurants are smaller, but there is the biggest one a bit out of the...

    0 , in Where to eat Riga, 12 years ago

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