Erasmus experience in Riga, Latvia by Jose Luis | Erasmus experience Riga

Erasmus experience in Riga, Latvia by Jose Luis

Why did you choose to go to Riga, Latvia?

Because I was given this place because of my grades.

How long was the scholarship? How much money did you receive as aid?

5 months is about 1000 euros total.

What is the student environment like in Riga?

Very good, especially among the Erasmus.


Would your recommend the city and the University of Riga to other students?

Yes, particularly to the students that study economics at the University of Latvia.

How is the food in the country?

The truth, I haven't tried much of it hahaha.

Was it difficult to find accommodations in Riga?

No, because there are a lot of websites, even though they are in Latvian.

How much does it cost to live in Riga?

It is like Spain but a little cheaper.

How is the language? did you attend any courses at the University?

The language... I don't know because I did not attend any courses.

What is the most economical way to get to Riga from your country?

A direct flight from Barcelona, but I live in another city and I take a flight from Malaga which connects to Riga.

What places do you recommend to party at in Riga?

Some names of places: French bar, Kalku Club, Piens Club, Rock Cafe, and Just.

And to eat in Riga? Can you recommend any places?

I do not have a preference but there are a lot of good places in Old Town.

And how was the cultural visit?

To be honest, it was very beautiful and with a lot of places to see.


Any advice you want to give to future students?

Beware of the Russians! And if you go to Prima or Reznas, I'd advice others. But it's a good place to make friends.

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