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Experience in Quito, Ecuador by Margarita

What was it like living in Quito? Would you recommend it?

Quito is a beautiful place to live! With a somewhat variable climate, it sometimes causes you to have a very active life, a modern and baroque city! Also, within just three hours you can travel by land to provinces like Imbabura that has precious walking routes, lakes, mountains and volcanoes!

Experience in Quito, Ecuador by Margarita


What is student life like in Quito?

It has quite a quiet student atmosphere but there are various other options to have fun!

How much does it cost to live in Quito?

Approximately 600 dollars.

Was it difficult to find accommodation in Quito? Can you offer any advice?

No, it is quite easy and fairly cheap, depending on the area. For example, the centre and the south of Quito are fairly cheap, whereas the north and the valleys are more expensive to rent.

Experience in Quito, Ecuador by Margarita


What is the food like in Ecuador? What are your favourite dishes?

A typical dish of Ecuador is the 'fritada' (its main ingredient is fried pork), which you can find throughout the Sierra Region in Ecuador. There is also more delicious food in Manabí or if you travel through the 'Ruta del Sol' (sun route), eating fruits of the sea right on the beaches!

Which places would you recommend visiting in Quito?

La Ronda, Centro Histórico (Historical centre - large concentration of museums and churches), Basílica, Museo Guayasamin (museum), La Capilla del Hombre (the chapel of man), Parque Metropolitano, Parque de la Carolina, Parque Itchimbia, El Panecillo (hill/viewpoint), travel by train (rural tourism), Teleférico (a gondola lift), Plaza de la Independencia, Mitad del Mundo (equatorial line - Middle of the World), Casa del Alabado, travel with QuitoTour Bus.

What about eating in Quito? Can you list your favourite places?

Noe Sushi Bar, Al Forno, Crepes and Waffles, Chipote Chillon, the Cuates neighbourhood, Cassave and many more that I cannot remember at the moment...

What places you recommend to party at in Quito?

The Foch area (discos and bars).

Can you offer any advice to future students in Quito?

My only advice would be that they enjoy themselves in a warm city, full of people who are always willing to help and that they make sure they get to know the beautiful paths of Ecuador: we have four regions that are amazing thanks to their flora and fauna!

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