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Erasmus experience in Porto, Portugal by Ana Beatriz

How long does the scholarship last? How much money do you receive?

My scholarship lasts six months, however I hope to prolong my stay for six more. I´m not receiving financial aid, my parents send me about 450 euros per month.

How's the student environment in porto?

I think it's good, I don't have anything negative to say about the teaching methods of my classes, and all the teachers were great until this point.

Would you recommend the city and university of porto to other students?

The city is good, but taking into account the value of the Euro, the restaurants are expensive, even sandwich shops. In the supermarket the food is good and cheap, except meat.

How easy was it to find acomodation in Porto?

It was difficult, the apartments, even the old ones, are expensive.

On average, how much did you spend to live in Porto?

Around 370 Euros.

How's the language? Do you frequent any language course at university?

Em Portugal, almost everyone, even the drivers, speak English, many people also speak French. I don't take a language course, but those are available at the university.

What is the cheapest way to get to Porto from your city?

I live in Porto.

Which places do you recommend to go out at night in Porto?

I don't like to go out at night, however people usually frequent the "Galerias de Paris"

And cultural visits?

There are a lot of museums and historical churches in Porto.

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