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Experience in Porto Alegre, Brazil, by Marcelo

What was it like living in Porto Alegre? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Porto Alegre is a mixed city, there are very beautiful regions and nice to live in, although, there are also regions which are not as nice, notably the city centre. However, the regions surrounding the city centre have a good quality of life, for price and students, and also the federal university of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).


What is the student life like in Porto Alegre?

The students in general are very open like all Brazilian people, always available to help foreigners. The atmosphere is cool, not shocking for the French, there isn't a massive difference, except having a good time with Brazilians!

What is the cost of living in Porto Alegre?

It varies a lot depending on your habits... But for an apartment it is very simple, for one person in the area surrounding the university it will be around R$ 600 per month. They also have a university restaurant which is very cheap: R$1. 30 per meal, at lunch time and in the evening, Monday to Friday. If you don't like the meals at the university, there are many options for restaurant for R$12. 00 - R$15. 00 with big all you can eat buffets!

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Porto Alegre? Do you have any advice?

You have to speak to native students, the student accommodation offices don't have many cheap options. There are definitely a lot of Brazilian students available to share a room with for not a lot of money.

What is the food like in the city? What are your favourite dishes?

The food is great and varied, it is a lot easier for a French person to get used to the food in Brazil than the other way around.


Which places would you recommend seeing in Porto Alegre?

Hmm, there is not a lot of touristy things to see.

And to eat in Porto Alegre? Can you tell use your favourite places?

For price, the university restaurant, for quality and variety, "Armazem do sabor".

Which places would you recommend for going out?

All of the 'Cidade Baixa', and also the surroundings of the 'Moinhos de Vento'.


What advice would give to future Erasmus students to Porto Alegre?

Come on! Go!

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