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Seven waterfalls in Galicia that you cannot miss

Hello everyone!

Today I welcome you to my travel blog. Here I will talk about the cities I have visited, natural places where it is worth getting lost, restaurants that I like, food recipes and more.

As it is the first post, I wanted to talk about Galicia, the terroir, so today I bring you seven waterfalls that you can not miss if you are nature lovers.

One of the things that we like to do most to my friends and to me is to take the car and go on a route to discover new places. "Recunchos", as we say. Last summer we pledged with the waterfalls: large, small; known or hidden, we did not care. Every weekend we went to a different one. If you have a car, it is a perfect plan for any summer day. The good thing about the waterfalls is that there are usually not as many people as there usually are on the beach so they are quieter places. Here I leave the compilation of all that we discovered and those that I liked the most.

  1. Ézaro waterfall. It is in the province of A Coruña (more specifically in Dumbría), so I, who live in Bueu (Pontevedra), had to do a good stretch by car. It is a waterfall that forms the river Xallas, a little before reaching the sea. It is accessed by a short wooden walk. The waterfall is quite high and abundant water falls, as you can see in the photo. In addition to the waterfall, there is a viewpoint near there (viewpoint of Ézaro) with incredible views, because you can see the mouth of the river in the sea. This waterfall, most likely, is one of the most famous in this post. Let's say it has become fashionable and everyone is going to see it. In fact, when I was there, there were several painted on the wooden walk made by travelers who came from foreign countries such as Switzerland or Germany and wanted to leave their mark there. In addition, there were also international students (probably Erasmus) walking around there. Without a doubt, it is one of the best known. Also, the good thing about this waterfall is its location. If you have time, the visit to end of Finesterre is more than mandatory, it is super close. Of course, keep in mind that if you want to enjoy Finisterre, the day should not be cloudy to see the horizon. Finally, recommended place, perfect stop if you are touring A Costa da Morte. Oh yeah! In summer, Saturdays give a light show, at night and the whole waterfall is illuminated with lights of different colors.


  2. Barosa Natural Park. It is a beautiful landscape, where the Agra River passes, where before there were mills in operation. The river forms waterfalls and also small pools where you can bathe, as if they were natural pools. The water was not very cold so point in favor. Here, there are some rocks quite steep and when we were there, people threw themselves as if it were a slide because it was very slippery, finally falling into one of the many pools. Grandmother's Advice : walk carefully because the verdigris can make you fall while walking and it can be dangerous. You can also walk around, the roads are not difficult and there is also an area for picnicking and sunbathing. Also, there are some bars and restaurants nearby, in case you crave a tapa.


  3. Fervenza do Toxa. You have to walk a lot to get there, but it's worth it. It is a very high waterfall, although not very abundant in terms of water. When we went it was a little cold so I did not bathe. We walk downstream and curiously, as the river descends, you discover other smaller waterfalls and there are also some pools where you can take a dip. The route is very beautiful, there is only nature, practically virgin territory. When we went, there was no one, we were alone, which made this place even more special. Wear comfortable shoes if you feel like doing the whole route and something to eat, if you get hungry. Oh, and Google Maps does not detect the location of the waterfall, so if you want to go, you must put "Rio Toxa", get there and follow the instructions of the signs, which are not many. Although once you find the right path, it is simply to follow the path until you meet it.


  4. Muíño Vello, Redondela. In Spanish it would be "Cascada del Molino Viejo", and indeed, a small mill is located above it. This waterfall is one of my favorites, really. It is not great or super impressive as it can be the one in Ézaro, but this place has something special. It took us a while to find it, because Google Maps does not tell you the exact location either. You have to devise them and ask the people who pass by and follow their instructions. When you're finally close, there's a wooden walkway decorated with pots and flowers. Also, there are some pools above the waterfall where you can take a dip, relax. The water was a bit cold, but the day we went it was very hot so we were very grateful that it refreshed us. We spent all afternoon there, having a snack and taking pictures, which I leave here. There is also a famous bar there, although when we went it was closed. A shame



  5. Pools of Melon. We change province and we go to Ourense. If one day you go to Ourense and on the way you want to take a dip, I recommend the melon pools. They are relatively close to the border with Pontevedra, so well, it does not take long. The road to get to it is not made of wood, but of mud and stones, so comfortable footwear and to be able to be not very new because it will end up quite dirty. Besides the waterfalls, there is also this kind of natural pools where you can take a bath, because they are quite deep. I remember that the water was quite cold so my recommendation is to go on a hot day. You can walk the river uphill until you get bored and find a place where you can relax and be alone. When we went, there was hardly anyone so we were great. In summer, as they are quite large waterfalls, you can practice canyoning. You can get to pull a waterfall whose height is eight meters, which is said soon. Here I left you some photos:


  6. Fervenza Barbantiño. And continuing with the province of Ourense, I have to say that this waterfall is my favorite. I'm not kidding when I say it's one of the most magical places I've been. In the photographs it is not appreciated, but it is really special. It is very close to Ourense city, but you need a car to go. We leave the car a bit far from the waterfall, because we have to access on foot through the mountain, also very virgin territory. It was a very hot day and we were sweating, we had to go down a lot of stairs to get there but when we finally arrived, it was incredible. I do not know if our level of dehydration influenced, but that was like paradise for us. The waterfall is quite large and the water falls with force. Also, once again we were alone (we are always lucky! ). Dead of heat, we took off our clothes quickly, put on our bikinis and got into the water. If this waterfall is unique, it is because you can not see the bottom, it is completely black, which at first gave us "fear". In fact, this pool I think is also known as "Pozo do Inferno". Finally we got in and the water was great. We swam a little and went to the waterfall. We climbed some pretty high rocks from where we threw ourselves.


    This waterfall is also very special because it is very far from civilization and everything around it is nature. Near there, there is a kind of walk that we decided to go and explore. A pretty curious sight is obtained from the highest part of the waterfall since you see the totally black pool where the water falls. At the end of this tour (which lasted about an hour), we found this bridge (which I think is medieval), which mixed with nature, the trees that surround it seemed to me that has a magic touch.


    Already ending, say that this waterfall is not very well known, the truth, and perhaps that is why it is even more special. In fact, I think it does not have an "official" name because they call it in many different ways. I have decided to use " Fervenza Barbantiño " because the river that goes down is called that way. Here I leave the photos that we took this day and that I love. I liked it so much that I'm looking forward to another summer.

  7. Poza da Moura. Who would say that a few meters from the Morrazo corridor is this marvel, this natural pool where you can relax. I've gone countless times and I never get bored. It is in Domaio and has views of the Vigo estuary and although it is next to the road, cars are not heard. Normally there are many people, it is true, and you will also have to sunbathe on the rocks, which is not the most comfortable thing in the world. Not everything was going to be advantages. But it is a very quiet place, people go even in winter, when the cold tightens. There is also a wooden walk that you can do to have views from a higher point and you can also see the mills that used to feed on the waters of this river.


    The most curious thing about this pool is the legend that surrounds it. I explain it to you briefly: it is said that years ago a girl fell in love with a peasant who lived in this place. Her father was totally against this relationship. One night, he saw in the pool the two lovers in a loving encounter. Filled with anger, he decided to kill the peasant. It was then that the young girl submerged in the pool and disappeared. Thus, the legend says that on summer nights, you can hear the laments of the young woman, who still cries for the death of her beloved.

    No doubt this story represents the most magical part of Galicia, a land full of wild nature, accompanied by stories and legends.

    And here the post of today!

    I hope you liked it and that you have discovered a new place for you but above all, that you have wanted to know a little more about the place where you live. You can leave me in the comments which are for you the best waterfalls in Galicia, which you have to see yes or yes. I hope you liked the photos and you know, see you in the next post.

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