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  • Seven waterfalls in Galicia that you cannot miss

    Hello everyone! Today I welcome you to my travel blog. Here I will talk about the cities I have visited, natural places where it is worth getting lost, restaurants that I like, food recipes and more. As it is the first post, I wanted to talk about Galicia, the terroir,...

    0 by Andrea, 6 days ago
  • The Secrets of the Lourizán Palace

    Hello everyone, once again! Today I come with a very special something ready for you... Yesterday morning, before I left to go to University, I went on a mini-excursion to Lourizán and its magical palace. All of it currently forms part of the Centre of Environmental...

    0 by Kate, 5 months ago
  • 25 reasons to live in Bueu

    Hello again everyone! Today I am going to pull a special entry out of the bag: 25 reasons to live in Bueu. There is no place like home. Well, let's begin! 1. -The Climate. We enjoy a mild climate, throughout the winter as well as summer. It is not extremely cold nor are...

    0 by Evie, one year ago
  • Where to eat in Bueu? The best restaurants are here

    Hello again everyone! Today I fancied telling you about the best restaurants that I know in Bueu. If you come to visit this place, I recommend that you take into account everything that I explained in my post about products and local traditions. In order to enjoy it,...

    0 by Evie, one year ago
  • do you know about the Santiago\'s way?

    When i was in england and I said that I was from Galicia, nobody knows where it is in Spain, but they always know where it was Málaga, Córdoba, (and of course BArcelona, they love it) some people know Galicia because of the Santiago's way, but not too much, so I made...

    0 by Cokidoo, 8 years ago
  • Where to go on erasmus?

    Erasmus is certainly a unique experience where you learn a new language and newculture that will serve to elevate your skills and qualifications, but how do you decidefate? in my case, I wanted to go to a place of speaking English, but need to find adestination that...

    1 by Cristina, 8 years ago

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