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Internship experience of Plzen

Some Tips for Plzen 

I want to give some tips for you. In here, medical eramus students have whatsapp group for talk and help each other you can join in them. For dorm, kolej bolevecka is very close to medical school. It is very cold and rainy even summer. In evening after 8 p.m. you can see so much drank person in street but it is fine I never experience big problems. You can hang out near the river and there is a place people hang out. 

Train and tramvay sistem highly accurate and some programs for that like CD (muj vlak) for train and for plsen transport is IDOS. I highly recommend to get ISIC card for so many dicounts and plzen transportcard. 

Please enjoy your Erasmus. I am sure you will meet so much good person. 

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