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The real chill-out

Published by nahom worku — one year ago

Hello dear readers, this time we are going to talk about a place that I hold very dearly in my heart. I think this is a perfect getaway from the busy and hectic city centre of Perugia. It will just fill you with so much joy and calmness that whenever you need some peace, tranquility and just some good relaxation time, this is a place you need to go to. Say you wanna do some meditation or you wanna enjoy a picnic or simply you just want to lay on the green grass and sunbathe for a while, then of course this is the place that is made for you. Furthermore, the vibe in this place is the perfect marriage between the mediaeval and historical background of the city of Perugia and at the same time it is filled with young and lively people who come to this place to have some relaxation time. So if you have been looking for a place where you can just disconnect and decompress, this is the article you need to read and I will be giving out some really cool information about this place, so carry on reading. This zen place is called il Tempietto and it is a wonderland for the people looking for some peace in their day.

The road that takes you to the Tempietto is one of the easiest in Perugia because it just consists of a long up-hill street called Corso Garibaldi. Consider that from the city centre (marked by the square with the big fountain) it will take you, by foot, from 15 to 20 minutes depending on how fast you walk. Along Corso Garibaldi you can also notice many shops and small restaurants. Most of them are exotic corners like the Chinese food corner, a Turkish corner, the Indian food corner, the Chinese mini-market shop and also some bars and pubs as well. Now you just continue to go up-hill in Corso Garibaldi and at the end of Corso Garibaldi there is a big Arch which marks the end of the city walls and just as you pass this large 'door' you will enter into this garden known as the Tempietto.

The Church of St. Michael the Archangel

If you have visited some Italian cities, whether these are big or small, you will soon get used to spotting churches and chapels. Well, the city of Perugia is no different from the rest of the 'squad'. The number of this religious gathering places are many and in the garden of the Tempietto you can find the one called Church of St. Michael the Archangel. This full operating church has a beautiful location and it is surrounded by a beautifully maintained green grass.


As you can see there is an important religious gathering place, a chapel, known as Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo (in English is Church of St. Michael the Archangel). This is an active chapel so if you happen to go to these gardens on an afternoon you should expect some people going in and out this church.



I advice you to check out the inside of this chapel because it has an unusual architecture both from the outside and the inside. The fact that it has a round shape and its small size makes it cozy, leaving behind the usual catholic church architecture relatively known for wide corridors and high ceillings.


One last thing about the entrance to this church is that you should know it is opened from 9:00 - 16:00. Just to make sure that for some reason this church won't be closed on the day you plan to visit it, call this number 075 5722624 and make sure before you get there.


As you can see, on the left and right side of the church there are the two green areas here is my favorite spot: here you can sit down and enjoy the sun, be it with friends or by your self, this place can be thoroughly enjoyed even if you go there with a book to read. Of course if you happen to organise a picnic together with some friends and spend the whole afternoon in this location well that's going to be an afternoon to remember. Especially now that the day time is longer you can enjoy more sunlight than usual. This phenomenon will last until the month of August where I think this place will end up being crowded, especially in the early mornings and late afternoon.


The people coming for their religious practices in the church or even the other guys responsible for the church in the area won't cause any problem for people who are just there to relax and sit around on the green grass. The important thing is that especially on a Sunday afternoon when usually they have their mass going on, it is best not to put loud music or not to produce too much noise. As long as you don't bother them they're usually very friendly and cool.

Important reminder

Another very important thing you should take into account is that you must leave the place cleaner then you have found it. Before you leave Tempietto's garden make sure you collect all of the rubbish and clean up the mess you made.



So next time you visit Perugia make sure you have enough time to go to the Tempietto and have an epic relaxation time. If you happen to be a fanatic of picture snapping this place has an amazing light, especially if you come around just before the sun goes down. Do know that as it starts to get dark I heard they ask people to leave the garden because there is a gate which must be closed by the guard.

P. S. Don't be thrown off by the fact that in the pictures you don't see anybody chilling out on the green grass. This is just the result of the fact that I didn't manage to find pictures that show a busy or a crowded day at the Tempietto. I can assure that next time I will go to the Tempietto I will take my own pictures!

Thanks for reading this blog post. See you soon and cheers!

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