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  • Perugia

    Introduction to the post Dear friends and readers, I’ve written a few posts now about 'different romantic spots' to visit in various cities. Which is exactly why I can’t wait to share with you all, especially about the romantic locations that I’ve visited in...

    0 , in What to see Perugia, 5 years ago
  • Lezioni di Greco

    Hello, dear readers, this time around I want to tell you about a nice food corner where you can get a quick snack for an affordable price. We all know how food influences our day to day lifes/activities and for all the travel fanatics out there, you all know how a...

    0 , in Where to eat Perugia, 5 years ago
  • Tempietto

    Hello dear readers, this time we are going to talk about a place that I hold very dearly in my heart. I think this is a perfect getaway from the busy and hectic city centre of Perugia. It will just fill you with so much joy and calmness that whenever you need some...

    0 , in What to do Perugia, 5 years ago
  • San Francesco al prato

    Hello dear readers, this time around I am going to show you around and give out some information when it comes to finding a nice chill out area in the beautiful city of Perugia. This special blog post is very much usefull particularly in these days, as the temperatures...

    0 , in What to do Perugia, 5 years ago
  • Copia e Incolla

    Hello to all the beatiful people out there. I would like to dedicate this article for all of those students who are currently in Perugia or for those who are going to come here in Perugia and  study at the University of Perugia. I am very motivated to give out this...

    0 , in What to do Perugia, 5 years ago
  • Old town area of Perugia

    Hola !!! My dear readers, this blog post will be dedicated to the amazing walk I did today with the company of some very cool people. I would like to take you in to this adventure walk in the old town area of the forever beautiful city of Perugia. Though it is true and...

    0 , in What to do Perugia, 5 years ago
  • Pinturicchio Cafe+Kitchen

    Hello dear reader, this time I want to tell you how it is to sit for a coffee in of the spots the city of Perugia has to offer. If you end up in this Etruscan city of Perugia during the end of winter/beggining of spring you are really going to appreciate this coffe...

    0 , in Where to eat Perugia, 5 years ago
  • Punto di vista

    Hi, I would like to share the experience that I had in this little bar-restaurant. It's right in the center and  has an amazing view of Perugia. It is a must go place in the evening when it's  getting darker and have a cocktail with friend or even alone. It is great...

    0 , in Cafe, cocktail, beer Perugia, 6 years ago
  • Yogurteria Yo Perugia

    Recently opened  yogurteria, located in the central Via Baglioni, an excellent place where to taste a delicious frozen or natural yogurt, and  crepes, hot chocolate, nutella, and lots of sweet sweet delicious food.  Free wi fi, tv, young staff and environment. You...

    0 , in Where to eat Perugia, 10 years ago

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